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Between The Sky And Heaven

This song is by Дима Билан and appears on the album На Берегу Неба (2004) and on the album Believe (2009).

I was looking for you
And I wish I could know
You'd come to slip away
I would give you a clue
But I just didn't show
That you were meant to stay
While we are getting so lonely
Love is still up there but only
Between the sky and heaven
Nothing can ever compare
To what it's like to be there
Between the sky and heaven
As we keep rushing like crazy
Can we still see it's amazing

Between the sky and heaven
But after all the days of despair
I know I'll meet you up there
Between the sky and heaven
I am waiting for you
And I know you can sense me
Though you're miles and miles away
On this side of the world
I am feeling you too
Without a single word you say
Cause while we are getting so lonely...

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