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​Be Your Girl

This song is by Деси Слава and appears on the album Любовта е само чувство (2004).

Imagine the night with me by your side.
Imagine the day, I'm not far away.
Like a sun in the day love will be the same.
Like a bird in the sky my love will fly.
I will fly

I can be your girl
I can rock your world
Is this love that lasts forever?
Never let you go 'cause I love you so
Baby, you're my soul

Are you here alone, let me take you home
Let's make it clear, I want you my dear
You are all I desire,
You set my heart on fire
You make me alive, you just make me wild
I'm so wild

I know I'm not the perfect girl,
But tell me is there in this world
A girl with heart that loves you so.
Loves you so