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Yparxei logos platinum edition

Υπάρχει λόγος (Platinum Edition)

Disc One
  1. Gigolo (Greek Version)
  2. The Game of Love (Greenglish Version)
  3. Υπάρχει λόγος (Iparhi logos, There is reason)
  4. Mambo! (Greek Version)
  5. Παραδείγματος χάρη (Paradigmatos hari, For example)
  6. Ό,τι αξίζει είναι οι Στιγμές (O,ti axizi ine i stigmes, Anything that's worth are the moments)
  7. Ποτέ ξανά (Pote xana, Never again)
  8. Μέρες αιώνες (Meres eones, Days centuries)
  9. Σε ποιον να μιλήσω (Se pion na miliso, To who should I talk)
  10. Παράπονο αιμοβόρο (Parapono emovoro, Deadly complaint)
  11. Πάντα σε περίμενα (Panda se perimena, I have always been waiting for you)
  12. Άνοιξαν οι ουρανοί (Anixan i urani, The skies have opened)
  13. Αστέρια (Asteria, Stars)
  14. You Set My Heart on Fire
Disc Two
  1. Αν είχες έρθει πιο νωρίς (An ihes erthi pio noris, If you had come earlier)
  2. Πού πήγε τόση αγάπη (Pu pige tosi agapi, Where so much love went)
  3. Με θέλουν κι άλλοι (Me thelun ki alli, Others want me too)
  4. Τύψεις (Tipsis, Compunctions)
  5. Ποτέ σ' ένα αντίο (Pote s' ena andio, Never at a goodbye)
  6. Just Walk Away (Live)
  7. Don't Speak (Live)
  8. Crazy (Live)
  9. Like a Prayer (Live)
  10. Why? (Live)
  11. Smooth Operator (Live)
  12. Can't Help Falling in Love (Live)
  13. Outside (Live)
  14. Το φως στην ψυχή/The Light in Our Soul (To fos stin psihi, The light in our soul) (Live)
  15. Υπάρχει λόγος (Remix) (Iparhi logos, There is reason)
Disc Three
Bonus tracks on the 2007 "Platinum Edition" reissue:
  1. Μαζί σου (Mazi su, With you)
  2. Μη φεύγεις (Mi fevgis, Don't Leave)
  3. Le Temps Des Fleurs
  4. Αν εσύ μ' αγαπάς (An esi m' agapas, If you love me)
  5. Φως (Fos, Light)
  6. Πού πήγε τόση αγάπη (Summer Moonlight Remix) (Pu pige tosi agapi, Where so much love went) (Bonus Track)
  7. Η αγάπη σου δε μένει πια εδώ (Remix) (I agapi su de meni pia edo, Your love isn't living here anymore) (Bonus Track)

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