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Way Out

This song is by Άννα Βίσση and appears on the album Everything I Am (2000).

I seem to be lost without your love
and it's getting really hard to find myself
I feel I'm going down
I seem to be lost within this shining light
I've been wasting my time
Losing my mind
The walls are closing in on me

You're my only way out
from this end that I'm in
You're my way out
You're my way out

I make myself up,I put on a smile
just like everybody else i play my role
It's easy to pretend
i'm falling apart
everything feels so wrong
I need to hold on to something true
and you're the only truth I know


You're the only one that ever cared for me
neede me trustd me
gave everything to me
And I did you wrong,I lied to you
I put you down,I made you cry
Made you suffer so much I believe
You will never speak to me for as long as you line
Things are diffrent now
Things are diffrent now
I wanna change
I need your help


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