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This song is by Łąki Łan and appears on the album ŁąkiŁanda (2009).

You've got to live and love
There's none to say
Cause life is love today
You've got to live and love
Love is ok
And this is the game we play
I give you my love
And you will give me
Here we are as one
Lovin' family
Love is like a water and air for me
Drinkin' smell it dig it
Let it be
I'm lovin' all around
Love around any town
Never going down
I'm livin' love
And I don't have enough
I got strong power
When I get that hot stuff
Follow the love
Feel it inside
Deep and through
Me and you
It's all right
Life is a sausage
Love is a ban
Come on everybody
Make a love all around

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