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This song is by Ákos and appears on the album Call My Name (1999).

Caught in her reflection
I sense within those eyes
And I wonder should I approach her
Knowing she's taken by surprise
Minutes to go
Before my departure
Boarding now
The message clearly displayed
There's a move to be made

Sips her last capuccino
Stubs her cigarette out
There is something in her demeanour
Want to find out what she's all about

My head is turning
My stomach's churning
Persistent yearning
Let our past and futures collide
I've nowhere to hide
There's nowhere to hide

If I were to talk to you
What would I say to you
Would I just be a pain to you
You're a stranger to me
And strangers cannot pretend
What would you say to me
Would you put paid to me
Would you make me ashamed to be
Such a stranger to you
'Cause strangers cannot pretend

I haven't a moment to squander
She's making tracks for the door
I can prevaricate no longer
It's the time to advance or withdraw

Moments to go
Before my departure
The gate is closing
A lady's announcing my name
She's calling in vain
She's calling in vain

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