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​Dance Into The Light

This song is by Ákos and appears on the album I.D.S. (1998).

All my powers had left me
Surrounded me with walls
Making me the one
For whom the bell tolls

I thought that all was lost
When in the corner of my eye
I saw a blinking light
Cutting right through the night

And from the church of song
A voice was calling me
Said: Son, know where your
Hearth belongs
This is your place to be

Dance into the light
Dance into the fire
Open the door
And deanse your soul
Just dance into the light

When you feel that you can't hope
When you've lost your only hope
Just let it touch you
So deep and true
Dance into the light

With doubt out of my sight
Let the healing now begin
It's the end of pain
And peace shall reign
Somewhere deep within

Rising from the ruins
Of a gold-forsaken soul
I'm a man who lives again
And reaches for a goal

I will never forget how
Your fire reached for me
You are the voice, you are the light
And you're my place to be