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​Fill It To The Brim

This song is by Áine Minogue and appears on the album Circle Of The Sun (1998).

Should the raven catch your hair
And seat a king of scarlet
Upon the heart's steep stair
Then oh, the sights will you see there
The breaking of the crystal
Under a dark green glare
A dark green glare from eyes on fire
From pools of deepest amber
Circle your castle round with briar
Still Pan will find your chamber

Oh, fill it to the brim,
Don't say when
Drink your fill and drink again
Hear the ocean roaring
Fill it to the brim, don't say when
That's Pan who keeps on pouring

Walnut hands and the eyes of a bear
He who seeks his sorrows out
May find the lion's share
With selfsame breath he tempts and warns
The fire that keeps the chill without
Is the very flame that burns
The flame that burns, the song the slays
When you hear what it is saying
It's Panic drives us through the maze
But Pan he's only playing

Dark watcher with tangled brows
Puts his finger to his lips
Let's hear no more of vows
Of promises we'll never keep
Or of that secret dream that slips away
As we rise from sleep
As we rise from sleep, as we rub our eyes
To set the salt tears falling
You hide your ears to drown his cries
But Pan just keeps on calling