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Bitcoin Beezy

This song is by ¡Mayday! and Murs and appears on the album ¡Mursday! (2014).

I got a condo in Miami, flyin' out my pussy
Coolin' on the couch we eatin' Girl Scout cookies
I was just a rookie she took me for a grand
Pussy so good I'm still her number one fan

I used to have a fetish for them dead presidentes
Now these commodores here got me goin' Kyle Menendez
Crazy for that giga
Bites for all my hitters
Steaks with these killers
The matrix paying for dinner

Circle full of winners paper percenters
I need that bread bowl
Everybody running 'round for green they get they heads blown
Cashing in on ATM's
Close accounts with crazy friends
What they'll do for dollars never ceases to amaze the man

Flash in the pan hella money in my hand
Smash for the stands just so I can feed my fam
Never crashing the Lam when I'm trying to get the grams
I got 50 bitcoin worth about a hundred grand

She's my bitcoin beezy her titties flowing easy
No bra in the studio, she beautiful believe me
She get wet when she see me, her panties come off easy
She said she never leave me like I'm Baby and she's Weezy

Left the data in the dresser
She laughed like Fran dresser
Got no pressure from the vessel
When I bounced in kompressor
Made it rain in the desert
Now she love when I address her
Taught her how to fuckin' do it so now she call me professor

Lecture lassie like I'm lira lecther
Dropping tokens in her slot I get up and play for extra
She wants some change but I ain't giving none, my fee is fester
I leave no heir to my throne so keep the scalp and catch up

And feel the raw uncut, turn it up in your van
Let it thaw thumbs up, what the fuck is the plan
I'm gettin' money on my celly but they don't understand
I got 50 bitcoin worth about a hundred grand

Raw uncut turn this up in your van
Get money
Get money
I'm talking big money
Raw uncut turn this up in your van
Smells like money
You gotta spend it baby, big money

Now bitcoin is here, all of a sudden they got, well don't want to get hacked or whatever. (yeah) And that couldn't possibly be the government doing that. But yes, it was the government that did that, you could bet on that. Yeah and that's the whole thing, and the, and I think hackers know that the government trying this. So they're coming up with something better that bitcoin, better than Occupy Wall Street, that's going to smash them. Like the next thing that comes up is gonna be a problem. That's what's going to send us into Blade Runner, and that's what's going to send us into like "oh shit, this is terminator." This is like, this is Blade Runner. This is the future they've been... we've been predicting, and we've been seeing. And that's what's gonna be scary. (Hey play the music!)

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