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Save Ferris

This song is by ¡Mayday! and appears on the album Believers (2013).

(1st Verse - Bernz)
My family fresh black leather
Portraits on my limbs
Freshmen on my back
An' people frozen in the fridge
Sister think I hate her
'Cause I hate her shitty friends
It's a party till the fire marshall
Break the doors in, we squadded up
So pitiful on that party shit
Girlfriend in the studio, high off couple rips
Got up for some visuals
Homie call the flicks
Tell 'em do it faster
An' something in it for him and it ain't
It ain't, it ain't really nothing easy fam
Keeping up appearances just to keep a couple fans
Ha these robotics got a evil plan
That's why we the reaper clan
Gave 'em all that snake and bats
Ha! KC Tea and Whiskey shots
War paint spread it 'round these Hollywood lots
Touch me in the black is provin when I'm connectin' dots
But maybe this shit Jenga and the bottom 'bout to drop
Let it drop

Life's fast
I just wanna take it real slow [x4]
Real slow

(2nd Verse - Wrekonize)
Syrup's not illegal so it floats in my veins
I'm chasin' after evil to get outta my brain
This is right lane lifestyle
Should've all kept it wild style
But somedays just feel Sunday
Dig the vibe child?
You see I'm staring out my window sill
Out upon a city moving
With a tempo that kills
Kids acting like they grown
As if the elders didn't notice
Doing 90 in the Jeep
Getting mighty hard to focus now
Let's pick it up and slow it down
I just wanna spend time witcha
We can hang around
No cellphones, no iPads
You, me and the sound
All these freakin' bells and whistles
Make it hard to know you're down
At least for now
We can pace it to the metronome
Walking around the Terradome
Tryin' to find the sectors own
Wrek is home and the BPM is perfect
Bouncing down below
Keeps it smooth up on the surface
Real slow

(Bridge - David Correy)
I just wanna take
I just wanna take it real slow
Hey, I just wanna take it real slow
I just wanna take it real slow
I just wanna take it real slow
Hey, Mayday! Everyone
I just wanna take it real slow

(Outro - Tech N9ne)
That shit sound like weed bro
Hehehehehe, that's dope man
Mayday man, Believers

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