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Mortuary Mary

This song is by ¡Mayday!.

(Verse 1: Bernz)
She telling me Brooklyn's dead
She sayin' Miami's passe
LA is what you expect
Paris was cooler last may
Nothin' surprises her
Saturday night ain't live enough
Easy done told her the needy disorder and now she don't even confide in us
She she so jaded, I love it, she hates it, you name it, she played it
And laughs when I say that we're famous!
I can't blame her though, the game'll throw her ass for a loop
I tell her before you leave make sure you do what you came to do
And I'm like...

(Hook: Wrekonize and Anjuli Stara)
She don't think I see
That she don't want to be here
She don't think I see
She's all mortuary mary
I'm gone and I'm never ever ever coming back
Never ever coming back
Never ever coming
I'm gone and I'm never ever ever coming back
Never ever coming back never ever coming

(Verse 2: Wrekonize)
Why hello miss Mary! Mommy's no Magdalene
Showing all up in the mags again
Getting all drunk in the cab with Ben
I been your basquiat you been my Madonna
Helen Keller to all the drama
From the clubbin we jumping in the cama comma
I'mma crown the girl she running around in my circles
I been around the world
Too many a scene that you worked through
I see that look in your eyes your wishing for something I shouldn't deny this Wouldn't be couldn't be looking too right this scene was ours you took it tonight

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