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Miles To Go

This song is by ¡Mayday!.

Came a long way and we still got miles to go
Driving for days and we still got miles to go
I said came a long way and we still got miles to go
It's gon' be a long time, be a long time till I'm home

Between rock and a hard place
Or what of this face?
I got my daddy saying on my town is misplaced
Want me to save face, but I ain't into fakes
I'm hustling around myself a motherfucking taste
So can you taste it now? I made especially ow
¡Mayday! with urf, friend or fire for the best of y'all
Rest of y'all front like it but down for the get
Grab a girl, get the volume bet, c'mon

Is it me or has this been a dream?
I try to wake myself but I'm addicted to the scene
The road along the way has lead me through these many checks
To ingest amongst the rest to formulate my precious friend
Yes, but above the best, blessed coming out the left
Is the ?? harm and seek to put you on the rest
We will stop enough and realise the brakelines have been cut so long
It's just, just too late to go home

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