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Last One Standing

This song is by ¡Mayday! and appears on the album Believers (2013).

Who'll be the last one standing? When it all goes up in flames
Who'll be the last one standing? When the cold ice melts away
Who'll be the last one standing? When the smoke drowns out the day
Who'll be the last one standing? When it all goes up in flames,
I'll be the last one standing!

(Verse 1: Wrekonize)
Coming out from the middle of the map with a limited attack
And I fight it till the end before we get it to the idiots, illiterate attack
Diss that, baligerate we're never that!
Fuck peace, gimme a gun and get it back
When the television crack I'm developing a pack with this medicine for many not a penny will be levied
I'll be ready for the evil clan, nah, fuck that!
Stand up and get yourself suffered with a bat
Spinal cord, struck with a bat
Ever seen a grown man fast to react?
Well I do when I'm feelin' up and runnin' up their stats
Take a weight of every life we live
And get snubbed by the ones who want to fight for this
I'm decisive hits without a license, bitch
And move now if you know you need to vibe with this

(Verse 2: Bernz)
Soldier till the death of me, till my last breath come from my lifeless lungs
Some kill for the recipe
If it all burned down which one of us gon' run?
Which one from the place of glory? Short ending with a long story
Maybe we want too much and program but the city do not give a fuck, a blood oath!
One for the saints, one for my bros, two for my brains
One for the ghost that are haunting my friend while I been out here workin' to get us some chains
Now I realize that we're slow and I wait
But I be dead 'cause it's probably too late
Was betrayed by my friend and I feel like I'm ? and every too scary to tame to love with the fame
Now we coast

Where my crew, where my kin, where are all my believers at? Where are all of my samurai, mastering their craft? I don't know, man I know where all them go. I don't know, I don't know...

(Verse 3: Wrekonize)
Kick it up into the center of the madness, they say it to me that it's kill or be killed
Never diss up in the penny of a savage, it's like I want to come a shoot 'em at the wheel
Kill to steal feel to chill
The cold days let me know that I am definitely alive
And I walked in the valley with the vibe but by carrying the time
But they hassle me to drive
Can I dive, high, glide, by, try, get it up!
See the enemies are eyes, wide, tried, high, jealous fucks!
This forever been the state of war
Morse code, all alone in the safer door
Take the tour, be late for the ancient whore
I'mma fighter till the end, that's what the bass is for!

(Verse 4: Bernz)
Maaan, I swear I saw it coming, no crystal ball was needed
Too much, too soon and now my trench is missing, soldiers bleeding
Missin' some other hethens, but I ain't got no grievance
Everybody's fightin wars against they own personal demons
Hurricane's got a little bit of aim, pop pop at the window pane
Dark ground of delorian fame, couldn't do shit when he cropped that fame
And I smile like it's okay, but fuck the world is what I say
Under my breath when they turn away cause this game is rigged to keep us enslaved!

(Verse 5: Tech N9ne)
In the middle of a crisis
N9ne has got a knife and I get really hype and fight the type to spite the
Light then ignite the righteous
Let's get the bright devices, and wipe the likeness!
Kill 'em and will 'em I get the pill and then the devil
I was a happy go-lucky then I'm at a new level
Cause everybody wanna be evil people
We believe a demon gotta bleed from eagles!
And that's 'kays, Tech sprays on a vet's day, you gotta death weigh
I got an angel up in my x-ray, but when the debts laid, that is your Net Pay!
You don't wanna be caught and stuck in a rut
Angels aimin' ammo up in your butt
Last one's standing tough and abrupt
Tecca N9ne and ¡Mayday! fucking you up!

(Outro: Tech N9ne)
Shit got me ready to fight, my nigga! Hahaha

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