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"This is 'Beans," now, fixin' to play you a beautiful little number, entitled 'Beans.' He's playin' this from general resurrection to the Revolution. Now the last time, y'all, when you all hear this piece of music, now, ladies and gentlemen, I mean it's all right"

Now 'way down south you had to say, "Good Morning, Hey good Mornin', judge"
That's something good people when you tell the judge good morning, that ain't no way to do

Judge you come to my house, you won't find no stewed beef, No pork in sight
You won't find no stewed beef, no ham, no egg, No stewed beef, no pork in sight

They give you beans for your breakfast, give you beans for your dinner Beans for suppertime
They give you fried beans, boil beans, stew beans, baked beans Beans brand and then I got sick from eatin' beans

Oh, the doctor brought beans, had pill looked like beans
Wrote out A 'scription for beans, beans, beans, and they taste like beans

Then they act-a like beans, beans, beans, they will work you like beans, too
Some are lima beans, beans, beans, but never pork and beans

Spoon stickin' in your beans, David had a mess of beans, beans, beans
Old Cain he had beans, beans, some are lima beans, you seen the pinto bean

Adam had a mess a beans, swear Eve had beans
She had a garden full of beans, ol' Noah had beans, beans, beans

He had a ark full of beans? 'postle Paul had beans, beans
Some are lima beans, I died from eatin' beans, beans, beans

Undertaker brought beans, Had a coffin full of beans
His hearse is full OF beans, beans, to the graveyard eatin' beans

Dug my grave with beans, beans, beans, let me down with bean strings
Covered me up with bean hull

Preached my funeral with beans, beans, beans, preacher took his text with "Beans"
Sister raised a hymn with beans, believe me, they sung beans?

I'll swear they shouted beans, Goliath had beans, beans beans
St. Peter had beans, beans, beans, Then I got a reploy from-a Heaven to hell
They was beans, beans beans

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