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  • My occupation is Instructor
  • I am Male
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* '''[[Monty Python:Bruces' Philosophers Song]]'''
* '''[[Monty Python:Bruces' Philosophers Song]]'''
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<img src="/images/5/58/KieferE.jpg" alt="Esperanza" />: Member of Esperanza

General Info

Having worked as a librarian and other jobs where organization is key, I tend to spend my time on the site trying to get things in order and accurate. I'm usually found moving pages that haven't been capitalized to their correct pagename location (see LW:PN) and fact-checking recent changes. I shuffle, organize, and generally try to keep things from going too higgledy-piggledy so that hopefully pages are easier to find and so that there will be less duplication. If you have a question about what to do about titling an item or some such thing, I'm a good person to ask.

Pages That I'm Working On

Pages That Redxx Has Been Kind Enough to Straighten Up for Me


My Other Favorite Sites

Metafilter (Best Of The Web links and where I first heard about LyricWiki...[1])

Lazylaces (Point 'n' Click games)

JayIsGames (My favorite games site. Only the good stuff.)

Mental Floss (Short, fun, daily quizzes) (Mostly because it helps out here. Although, typos aplenty, especially on obscure items.)

Favorite Songs

Please note that I'm not saying these are the best songs ever. These are just the songs that I enjoy listening to and don't seem to get tired of.

The Top 7

General Favorites

Obscure Favorites


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