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Walter Trout:A Matter Of The HeartWalter Trout:All I Want Is YouWalter Trout:All My Life
Walter Trout:Blues For My BabyWalter Trout:Blues For The Modern DazeWalter Trout:Blues For The Modern Daze (2012)
Walter Trout:Breaking The Rules (1995)Walter Trout:Brother's KeeperWalter Trout:Clouds On The Horizon
Walter Trout:Cold Cold FeelingWalter Trout:Common GroundWalter Trout:Common Ground (2010)
Walter Trout:Cry If You WantWalter Trout:Deep Trout (2005)Walter Trout:Dust My Broom
Walter Trout:Full Circle (2006)Walter Trout:Girl From The North CountryWalter Trout:Go The Distance
Walter Trout:Go The Distance (2001)Walter Trout:Got A Broken HeartWalter Trout:Gotta Leave This Town
Walter Trout:Hardcore (2007)Walter Trout:I Can TellWalter Trout:If You Just Try
Walter Trout:In Love With You AgainWalter Trout:Junkyard In Your EyesWalter Trout:Kill The Monkey
Walter Trout:Let Me KnowWalter Trout:Life In The JungleWalter Trout:Life In The Jungle (1990)
Walter Trout:Lifestyles Of The Rich And FamousWalter Trout:Livin' Every Day (1999)
Walter Trout:LonelyWalter Trout:Long Tall SallyWalter Trout:Lookin' For The Promised Land
Walter Trout:Love In VainWalter Trout:Maybe A FoolWalter Trout:Money Rules The World
Walter Trout:Never Knew You WellWalter Trout:No More Fish Jokes (1992)Walter Trout:Open Book
Walter Trout:Please Don't GoWalter Trout:Pray For RainWalter Trout:Prisoner Of A Dream
Walter Trout:Puppet MasterWalter Trout:Put It Right BackWalter Trout:Recovery
Walter Trout:Relentless (2003)Walter Trout:Saw My Mama Cryin'Walter Trout:Serve Me Right To Suffer
Walter Trout:Song For A WandererWalter Trout:Sweet As A FlowerWalter Trout:Tellin' Stories (1994)
Walter Trout:The Best You GotWalter Trout:The Love That We Once KnewWalter Trout:The Mountain Song
Walter Trout:The Next Big ThingWalter Trout:The Outsider (2008)Walter Trout:The Reason I'm Gone
Walter Trout:The Sky Is Fallin' DownWalter Trout:They Call Us The Working ClassWalter Trout:To Begin Again
Walter Trout:Transition (1992)Walter Trout:Two Sides To Every StoryWalter Trout:Unspoiled By Progress (2009)
Walter Trout:Walter Trout (1998)Walter Trout:Welcome To The Human RaceWalter Trout:When Will It Ever Change
Walter Trout:Working OvertimeWalter Trout:You Can't Go Home Again

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