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Song of the Day

Song: "Bring Me Back" by Year Of Confession
Nominated by:
Date: February 01, 2015
Reason: Dark and inspiring at the same time. You don't hear in depth lyrical content like this often, especially from an underground band. I love it.

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  • Justine77 7

    I wanted to help some songs with their partial lyrics but I only wanted the Dutch songs. I can't rank the category per language. I think it would be a good update if that was possible.

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  • Buscemi Eyes

    One of my favorite 80's one hit wonder bands. MAKE THAT TUFF ENUFF.

    Read more >
  • NLG343

    Guess what?

    7 June 2015 by NLG343

    I found "Waiting For Love" in Korean by Avicii.

    뜻이있을 경우, 좀 아름다운, 방법이 그리고 매일 밤 그렇게 마법, 그 일이 사랑이 인생에서이 있는지 그리고 어떤 장애물도 없다 그 패배 할 수 없습니다

    모든 내용은 취약한 위해 눈물을 폭군 모든 잃어버린 영혼 기적의 뼈 모든 꿈꾸는 사람은 꿈 우리는 멈출 수있어 믿는 뭔가 …

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