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Plugins for Media Players is open to its content being used by plugins for media-players. Once the API is more full-featured, that may be very helpful. We would like to see plugins for all major media-players (and of course, minor players too!). If you know how to write a plugin for iTunes, MediaPlayer, etc. Please feel free to chip in.

If you have written a plugin, please add a section here with a description of the plugin and a link to where the plugin can be downloaded, as well as a way for us to contact you to warn you when changes are made.

Although not fully implemented, an alternative to screen scraping is to use the SOAP Webservice. Currently the SOAP webservice is under construction but you can check if a song exists and you can retrieve the lyrics for it.

LyricWiki (talk)

XMLyrics (now renamed "LyricWiki") is the first program to make use of the SOAP webservice. It was written by Cyber Sinh and is available for download here, more information is available here. The program supports French and English. Although it is an external application, once you load it up, you can set it to work with any of several media players. It uses WPF, so you need to install the .NET framework 3.0 to run it (included in Vista). This was developed and tested at the same time as the SOAP in conjunction with LyricWiki, so it works very well.


  • WinAmp
  • foobar2000
  • musikCube
  • Windows Media Player



Amarok Lyrics (talk)

A simple script to retrieve lyrics from and display them on the Lyric tab of the context browser. Now you can enjoy having lyrics that can be fixed when incorrect!

Note: In version 2.0 and all versions that use the SOAP service instead of screen-scraping do not correctly display special characters. This is a problem with the SOAP service and not a problem in the script. For more details on this, please refer to LyricWiki:SOAP/Ruby.

In Amarok: Tools->Script Manager->Get More Scripts->Amarok Lyrics

Amarok Wiki-Lyrics (talk)

This plugin can download lyrics from many sites (including this one) and can also be used to submit song and album pages and CD covers to or There's also a command line interface, so you can use it without Amarok and even from other players (more info at [1]).

Supported lyrics sites:

Current Version: 0.13.1
In Amarok: Tools->Script Manager->Get More Scripts->Wiki-Lyrics
Maintainer: Attendant (talkcontribs)

WinAmp Plugin (talk)

LyricGrabber is an automatic lyric getter for WinAmp users works with and Also you can search any lyric by just typing the artist and song name to search bar. Features:

  • Automaticly gets lyrics of the song you are listening on Winamp and displays immediately.
  • Finds the exact needed lyric!
  • Gives opportunity of saving lyrics to computer so that if the same lyrics are needed once again there's no need to go look for the internet.
  • Automaticly checks for updates. If there's a newer version warns user.
  • Doesn't require Winamp to search and save for lyrics. Write their name and press get it!
  • Looks to LyricWiki first then SeekLyrics, makes more song lyrics available.

Download: [no link]

foobar2000 component

Lyrics Grabber (foo_lyricsgrabber) is a working-in-progress component which allows users to download lyrics from specified lyrics provider.

Builtin providers:

  • LyricWiki
  • LyricsPlugin

With foo_grabber_python extension:

  • DarkLyrics
  • AZ Lyrics
  • LyrDB

Information & Download Link:

iTunes (for Windows)

iTunes lyrics importer

The iTunes lyrics importer is a simple application written in C# to import lyrics for the songs in your iTunes, using the Lyricswiki's web services.

iTunes Store file validator

iTSfv is a VB.NET/C# open source plugin for iTunes to import lyrics with advanced options. Excludes "ft." or "feat." etc. strings in brackets during a search from song names if the initial search fails. Supports UTF-8 so that characters such as ç, ã, é, ó are shown properly in iTunes.

LyricWiki related functions include:

  • Importing Lyrics from LyricWiki to selected tracks in iTunes
  • Exporting Lyrics from LyricWiki to plain text files into album folder, or an external folder with a user configurable file name pattern

Project Home:


iGrabber is a Windows application that automatically downloads album art and lyrics for selected iTunes tracks.

iTunes (for Mac OS)


Developer's description:
Skeiron makes the application that apple is known for even better: iTunes. It shows the artwork of the currently played track in the dock, shows information about it using Growl notifications and downloads lyrics and artworks automatically from the internet. Furthermore you can control iTunes via Skeiron very easily. In the future the control features will be extended step by step.
To do all this, Skeiron uses modern technology provided by Apple and requires Mac OS X 10.5 with iTunes 7 or higher.

Developer's homepage
Skeiron on
Skeiron on

GimmeSomeTune for Mac OS X

From their website:
GimmeSomeTune in a nutshell:
downloads lyrics and album covers, shows you iTunes' currently playing song, lyrics-window, vast number of hotkeys to control iTunes, mini-controller, GimmeSomeTune has functionality to change its appearance, support for iChat, "Recently Played" menu, a daemon, and much, much more.


Harmonic Mac OS X Dashboard Widget

Tune Lyrics 0.6

iPhone & iPod Touch

Rhythmbox LyricWiki Plugin (talk)

Support has been added in rhythmbox svn trunk, so it will be present in the next 0.11.x release and in the future 0.12.x series.

Xbox Media Center

There is a script for the Xbox Media Center called "XBMC Lyrics" that was written to grab lyrics from Lyricwiki, as well as from other sources.

Download: (site temporarily closed Feb. 2, 2009)

Integration With Other Sites

Google Page Search Gadget

LyricWiki Search Gadget is a simple search form that embeds on your personalized iGoogle page and allows you to quickly lookup the lyrics to your favorite songs on the website. Just type in the pieces of the song that you can remember and hit the Search button!

Maintainer: Jfranzone (talkcontribs)

WordPress Plugin

LyricWiki Search Widget is a WordPress plugin that places a simple search form on your self-hosted WordPress sited to search for song lyrics on the site.

Maintainer: Jfranzone (talkcontribs) - Lyrics is a Greasemonkey script that adds a panel with LyricWiki lyrics to track pages. - radio lyrics is a Greasemonkey script that adds a lyrics pane just next to the radio.
N.B. There are some issues with the latest version of this.

Lyrics Muse

Lyrics Muse is a mashup site which combines the LyricWiki lyrics with a users listening habits.

YouTube is a music sharing portal which uses the LyricWiki lyrics. is a Polish community site that helps people understanding meanings of lyrics. It allows you to analyze, interpret or just share the feelings about songs. Lyrics are loaded from LyricWiki.



LyricsFinder11 is a system tray application (freeware) for Microsoft Windows that uses LyricWiki SOAP webservice. Displays the lyrics of the song that is currently playing on Winamp or iTunes or (also works with some internet stations). LyricsFinder11 has a unique feature to identify songs via MusicDNS, if the song’s ID3 tags are incorrect or empty. Read more here


Shtaggle is a Mac OS X application for tagging music in iTunes. It uses Last.FM to get tags, and allows you to use your own custom tags. It will send tags back to Last.FM if you have an account there, and will also send your tagging stats to if you register there! It also uses to get lyrics for the currently playing track. Read more at

LyricWiki Toy

LyricWiki Toy is a PyGTK application that can grab arbitrary lyrics or fetch the current playing Rhythmbox song. More blabbing about it at LyricWiki Toy


[2] LyricToy is a small application that is great for users who contiguously type song names into to Google every time they want to view lyrics. It allows you to find the lyrics for the currently playing song in itunes using either LyricWiki or Google.


LyTag Interactive console based python script for mass-tagging MP3s with ID3v2 tags (USLT) with the lyrics from

Web Interface


Opera Widget here


Flash goes here

Pure Web Page

A Simple way to search lyricshere

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