Yonder Mountain String Band:I Ain't Been Myself In Years Lyrics

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Yonder Mountain String Band
This song is performed by Yonder Mountain String Band and appears on the album Yonder Mountain String Band (2006).
There's a voice blowing over the mountain
A voice I used to know
I'll bet you ten it's her again
That girl from long ago

She wanted California
Got Oregon I hear
Seems only fair to warn ya
I ain't been myself in years

What's left of it all went with her
Packed up in broken dreams
I'll tell ya friend I loved her then
And I always will it seems

That evening breeze reminds me
So soft against my ear
Before she was behind me
I ain't been myself in years

Sometimes I hear her laughing
Sometimes I see her face
Sometimes I think she's coming back
To fix this broken place
So easy to see right through me
Too late to change my ways
I'll tell ya friend I loved her when
I wasn't in this haze

[ Chorus ]

I ain't been myself in years
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