XTC:Rag & Bone Buffet: Rare Cuts & Leftovers (1990)

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Album by XTC.
  1. Extrovert
  2. Ten Feet Tall (US version)
  3. Mermaid Smiled
  4. Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen
  5. Respectable Street (UK single version)
  6. Looking for Footprints
  7. Over Rusty Water
  8. Heaven Is Paved with Broken Glass (remix)
  9. The World Is Full of Angry Young Men
  10. Punch and Judy
  11. Thanks for Christmas
  12. Tissue Tigers (The Arguers)
  13. I Need Protection
  14. Another Satellite (BBC version)
  15. Strange Tales, Strange Tails
  16. Officer Blue
  17. Scissor Man (BBC version)
  18. Cockpit Dance Mixture
  19. Pulsing Pulsing
  20. Happy Families
  21. Countdown to Christmas Party Time
  22. Blame the Weather
  23. Take This Town
  24. The History of Rock 'n' Roll
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