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This song is performed by X and appears on the album More Fun In The New World (1983), on the best of compilation Beyond & Back: The X Anthology (1997) and on the best of compilation The Best: Make The Music Go Bang (2004).
True love, true love, true love
True love is the devil's crowbar
Pulled out, pulled apart, torn apart
By finding out that loneliness
Then you find someone who has to stay away
And it pulls apart your wishbone
But you get to wish
Lonliness is never the same again
It becomes true love
True love...
Is the devil's crowbar
He uses it to pry you out of your car
And into the arms of...
The devil drives a Buick
And he sits inside and eats lunch
And sticks his pitchfork through the trunk
And into her hair
And he pulls out true love
True love...
Is the devil's crowbar

Written by:

Exene Cervenka and John Doe

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