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Enter (1997)Edit

Within Temptation - Enter
  1. Restless
  2. Enter
  3. Pearls of Light
  4. Deep Within
  5. Gatekeeper
  6. Grace
  7. Blooded
  8. Candles

The Dance (1998)Edit

Within Temptation - The Dance
The Dance
  1. The Dance
  2. Another Day
  3. The Other Half (Of Me)
  4. Restless (Remix)
  5. Candles/Pearls Of Light (Remixes)

Mother Earth (2000)Edit

Within Temptation - Mother Earth
Mother Earth
  1. Mother Earth
  2. Ice Queen
  3. Our Farewell
  4. Caged
  5. The Promise
  6. Never-Ending Story
  7. Deceiver of Fools
  8. Intro
  9. Dark Wings
  10. In Perfect Harmony
Limited Edition Bonus Track
  1. World of Make Believe
Extended Edition Bonus Tracks
  1. Deep Within (live)
  2. The Dance (live)
  3. Restless ("Classical" version)
  4. Bittersweet
2003 Edition Bonus Tracks
  1. Restless (single version)
  2. Bittersweet
  3. Enter (live)
  4. The Dance (live)
Roadrunner Records Bonus Tracks
  1. Deceiver of Fools (live)
  2. Caged (live)
  3. Candles (live)
  4. Ice Queen (live)

Running Up That Hill (2003)Edit

Within Temptation - Running Up That Hill (Single)
Running Up That Hill
  1. Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush cover)
  2. Mother Earth

Stand Your Ground (2004)Edit

Within Temptation - Stand My Ground (Single)
Stand My Ground
  1. Stand My Ground
  2. Overcome
  3. It's the Fear
  4. Towards the End (Bonus track)
  5. The Swan Song (Bonus track)

The Silent Force (2004)Edit

Within Temptation - The Silent Force
The Silent Force
  1. Intro
  2. See Who I Am
  3. Jillian (I'd Give My Heart)
  4. Stand My Ground
  5. Pale
  6. Forsaken
  7. Angels
  8. Memories
  9. Aquarius
  10. It's the Fear
  11. Somewhere
Premium Edition Bonus Tracks
  1. A Dangerous Mind
  2. The Swan Song
Roadrunner Records Bonus Tracks
  1. Destroyed
  2. Jane Doe
Unofficial B-sides
  1. Orff ("Jillian" demo)
  2. Run ("Overcome" demo)

Angels (2005)Edit

Within Temptation - Angels
  1. Angels
  2. Say My Name
  3. Forsaken (Live)
  4. The Promise (Live)
  5. Angels (Live)

The Silent Force Tour (2005)Edit

Within Temptation - The Silent Force Tour
The Silent Force Tour
  1. Deceiver Of Fools
  2. Stand My Ground
  3. Jillian (I'd Give My Heart)
  4. It's The Fear
  5. Forsaken
  6. Angels
  7. Towards The End
  8. Memories
  9. Intro
  10. See Who I Am
  11. Pale
  12. Jane Doe
  13. Mother Earth
  14. Candles
  15. The Other Half (Of Me)
  16. Ice Queen

What Have You Done (2007)Edit

Within Temptation - What Have You Done
What Have You Done
  1. What Have You Done (featuring Keith Caputo)
  2. Blue Eyes

The Heart of Everything (2007)Edit

Within Temptation - The Heart Of Everything
The Heart of Everything
  1. The Howling
  2. What Have You Done (featuring Keith Caputo)
  3. Frozen
  4. Our Solemn Hour
  5. The Heart of Everything
  6. Hand of Sorrow
  7. The Cross
  8. Final Destination
  9. All I Need
  10. The Truth Beneath the Rose
  11. Forgiven

Frozen (2007)Edit

Within Temptation - Frozen
  1. Frozen (Single version)
  2. The Howling (Single version)
  3. Sounds of Freedom
  4. What Have You Done (featuring Keith Caputo) (Acoustic)
  5. The Cross (Acoustic)

The Howling (2007)Edit

Within Temptation - The Howling
The Howling
  1. The Howling
  2. Stand My Ground
  3. Angels
  4. Jillian (I'd Give My Heart)
  5. Memories

All I Need (2007)Edit

Within Temptation - All I Need
All I Need
  1. All I Need (Single version)
  2. All I Need (Album version)
  3. The Last Time (Demo version)
  4. Frozen (Demo version)
  5. Our Solemn Hour (Demo version)

Black Symphony (2008)Edit

Within Temptation - Black Symphony
Black Symphony
  1. Ouverture (live)
  2. Jillian (I'd Give My Heart) (live)
  3. The Howling (live)
  4. Stand My Ground (live)
  5. The Cross (live)
  6. What Have You Done (live)
  7. Hand of Sorrow (live)
  8. The Heart of Everything (live)
  9. Forgiven (live)
  10. Somewhere (live)
  11. The Swan Song (live)
  12. Memories (live)
  13. Our Solemn Hour (live)
  14. The Other Half (Of Me) (live)
  15. Frozen (live)
  16. The Promise (live)
  17. Angels (live)
  18. Mother Earth (live)
  19. The Truth Beneath the Rose (live)
  20. Deceiver of Fools (live)
  21. All I Need (live)
  22. Ice Queen (live)

An Acoustic Night At The Theatre (2009)Edit

Within Temptation - An Acoustic Night At The Theatre
An Acoustic Night At The Theatre
  1. Towards The End
  2. Stand My Ground
  3. Caged
  4. All I Need
  5. Frozen
  6. Somewhere (featuring Anneke van Giersbergen)
  7. The Cross
  8. Pale
  9. What Have You Done (featuring Keith Caputo)
  10. Memories
  11. Forgiven
  12. Utopia (featuring Chris Jones)

The Unforgiving (2011)Edit

Within Temptation - The Unforgiving
The Unforgiving
  1. Why Not Me
  2. Shot In The Dark
  3. In The Middle Of The Night
  4. Faster
  5. Fire And Ice
  6. Iron
  7. Where Is The Edge
  8. Sinéad
  9. Lost
  10. Murder
  11. A Demon's Fate
  12. Stairway To The Skies
iTunes Bonus Tracks
  1. I Don't Wanna
  2. Empty Eyes
  3. The Last Dance

The Q-music Sessions (2013)Edit

Within Temptation - The Q-music Sessions
The Q-music Sessions
  1. Grenade (Bruno Mars cover)
  2. Titanium (David Guetta cover)
  3. Let Her Go (Passenger cover)
  4. Summertime Sadness (Lana Del Rey cover)
  5. Radioactive (Imagine Dragons cover)
  6. Crazy (Gnarls Barkley cover)
  7. Dirty Dancer (Enrique Iglesias cover)
  8. Don't You Worry Child (Swedish House Mafia cover)
  9. Behind Blue Eyes (The Who cover)
  10. The Power of Love (Frankie Goes To Hollywood cover)
  11. Apologize (OneRepublic cover)

Paradise (What About Us?) (2013)Edit

Within Temptation - Paradise (What About Us)
Paradise (What About Us?)
  1. Paradise (What About Us?) (featuring Tarja Turunen)
  2. Let Us Burn (Demo version)
  3. Silver Moonlight (Demo version)
  4. Dog Days (Demo version)

Hydra (2014)Edit

Within Temptation - Hydra
  1. Let Us Burn
  2. Dangerous (featuring Howard Jones)
  3. And We Run (featuring Xzibit)
  4. Paradise (What About Us?) (featuring Tarja Turunen)
  5. Edge Of The World
  6. Silver Moonlight
  7. Covered By Roses
  8. Dog Days
  9. Tell Me Why
  10. Whole World Is Watching (featuring Dave Pirner)
Premium Edition Bonus Tracks
  1. Radioactive
  2. Summertime Sadness
  3. Let Her Go
  4. Dirty Dancer
  5. And We Run (Evolution Track)
  6. Silver Moonlight (Evolution Track)
  7. Covered By Roses (Evolution Track)
  8. Tell Me Why (Evolution Track)

And We Run (2014)Edit

Within Temptation - And We Run
And We Run
  1. And We Run (featuring Xzibit) (Radio edit)
  2. And We Run (featuring Xzibit) (Album version)
  3. And We Run (featuring Xzibit) (Dance remix)
  4. Living on Fire (Demo version)
Extended track listing
  1. Keep on Breathing (Demo version)
  2. One of These Days (Demo version)
Japanese Edition
  1. Whole World Is Watching (featuring Dave Pirner)

Non-Album SongsEdit

  1. Crucify (Tori Amos cover)
  2. Gothic Christmas
  3. Skyfall (Adele cover)

Additional information

Band members:
  • Sharon den Adel - lead vocals (1996-present)
  • Robert Westerholt - grunts, rhythm guitar (1996-present, studio only since 2011)
  • Ruud Adrianus Jolie - lead guitar, rhythm guitar (2001-present)
  • Jeroen van Veen - bass guitar (1996-present)
  • Mike Coolen - drums (2011-present)
  • Martijn Spierenburg - keyboard (2001-present)
  • Stefan Helleblad - rhythm guitar, lead guitar (2011-present)
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