Wire:Chairs Missing (1978)

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Album by Wire.
  1. Practice Makes Perfect
  2. French Film Blurred
  3. Another the Letter
  4. Men 2nd
  5. Marooned
  6. Sand in My Joints
  7. Being Sucked In Again
  8. Heartbeat
  9. Mercy
  10. Outdoor Miner
  11. I Am the Fly
  12. I Feel Mysterious Today
  13. From the Nursery
  14. Used To
  15. Too Late
Bonus tracks on 1989 reissue
  1. Go Ahead
  2. Former Airline
  3. Question of Degree
Bonus tracks on 1994 reissue
  1. Outdoor Miner (long version)
  2. A Question of Degree
  3. Former Airline
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