Wilco:Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Demos (2002)

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Album by Wilco.
  1. I Am Trying to Break Your Heart
  2. Ashes of American Flags
  3. I'm the Man Who Loves You
  4. A Magazine Called Sunset
  5. Reservations
  6. Kamera (Demo Version)
  7. Not for the Season
  8. Alone
  9. Nothing Up My Sleeve
  10. Venus Stop the Train
  11. Cars Can't Escape (Rhythm)
  12. Poor Places (Demo Version)
  13. Won't Let You Down
  14. Heavy Metal Drummer
  15. Instrumental #1
  16. Instrumental #2 (Corduroy Cutoff Girl)
  17. Instrumental #3 (Corduroy Cutoff Girl) (Take 2)
  18. Kamera (Alternate Take)
  19. A Magazine Called Sunset (Alternate Take)
  20. Alone (Alternate Take)
  21. Not For The Season (Alternate Take)
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