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Snakebite (1978)Edit

Whitesnake - Snakebite
  1. Come On
  2. Bloody Mary
  3. Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City
  4. Steal Away
  5. Keep On Giving Me Love
  6. Queen Of Hearts
  7. Only My Soul
  8. Breakdown

Trouble (1978)Edit

Whitesnake - Trouble
  1. Take Me With You
  2. Love To Keep You Warm
  3. Lie Down
  4. Day Tripper
  5. Night Hawk
  6. The Time Is Right For Love
  7. Trouble
  8. Belgian Tom's Hat Trick
  9. Free Flight
  10. Don't Mess With Me
  11. Come On (Bonus Track From Snakebite EP)
  12. Bloody Mary (Bonus Track From Snakebite EP)
  13. Steal Away (Bonus Track From Snakebite EP)
  14. Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City (Bonus Track From Snakebite EP)

Lovehunter (1979)Edit

Whitesnake - Lovehunter
  1. Long Way From Home
  2. Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues
  3. Help Me Thro' The Day
  4. Medicine Man
  5. You 'N' Me
  6. Mean Business
  7. Love Hunter
  8. Outlaw
  9. Rock 'N' Roll Women
  10. We Wish You Well
  11. Belgian Tom's Hat Trick (Andy Peebles BBC Radio 1 Session 1979-03-29)
  12. Love To Keep You Warm (Andy Peebles BBC Radio 1 Session 1979-03-29)
  13. Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City (Andy Peebles BBC Radio 1 Session 1979-03-29)
  14. Trouble (Andy Peebles BBC Radio 1 Session 1979-03-29)

Ready An' Willing (1980)Edit

Whitesnake - Ready An' Willing
Ready An' Willing
  1. Fool For Your Loving
  2. Sweet Talker
  3. Ready An' Willing
  4. Carry Your Load
  5. Blindman
  6. Ain't Gonna Cry No More
  7. Love Man
  8. Black And Blue
  9. She's A Woman
  10. Love For Sale (Previously Unreleased)
  11. Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City (Live At Reading Festival 1979-08-28)
  12. Mistreated (Live At Reading Festival 1979-08-28)
  13. Love Hunter (Live At Reading Festival 1979-08-28)
  14. Breakdown (Live At Reading Festival 1979-08-28)

Come an' Get It (1981)Edit

Whitesnake - Come an' Get It
Come an' Get It
  1. Come an' Get It
  2. Hot Stuff
  3. Don't Break My Heart Again
  4. Lonely Days, Lonely Nights
  5. Wine, Women an' Song
  6. Child of Babylon
  7. Would I Lie to You
  8. Girl
  9. Hit an' Run
  10. Till the Day I Die
  11. Child of Babylon (Alternative Rough Mix)
  12. Girl (Alternative Version/Rough Mix)
  13. Come an' Get It (Rough Mix)
  14. Lonely Days, Lonely Nights (Alternative Version/Rough Mix)
  15. Till the Day I Die (Rough Mix)
  16. Hit an' Run (Backing Track)

Saints & Sinners (1982)Edit

Whitesnake - Saints & Sinners
Saints & Sinners
  1. Young Blood
  2. Rough An' Ready
  3. Bloody Luxury
  4. Victim Of Love
  5. Crying In The Rain
  6. Here I Go Again
  7. Love An' Affection
  8. Rock An' Roll Angels
  9. Dancing Girls
  10. Saints An' Sinners
  11. Young Blood (Monitor Mix/Early Vocals)
  12. Saints An' Sinners (Monitor Mix/Early Vocals)
  13. Soul Survivor (Unfinished, Unreleased Song)

Slide It In (1984)Edit

Whitesnake - Slide It In
Slide It In
  1. Gambler (US Remix)
  2. Slide It In (US Remix)
  3. Slow An' Easy (US Remix)
  4. Love Ain't No Stranger (US Remix)
  5. Give Me More Time (US Remix)
  6. Standing In The Shadow (US Remix)
  7. Hungry For Love (US Remix)
  8. All Or Nothing (US Remix)
  9. Spit It Out (US Remix)
  10. Guilty Of Love (US Remix)
  11. Need Your Love So Bad (B-Side)
  12. Gambler (UK Mix)
  13. Slide It In (UK Mix)
  14. Standing In The Shadow (UK Mix)
  15. Give Me More Time (UK Mix)
  16. Slow An' Easy (UK Mix)
  17. Spit It Out (UK Mix)
  18. All Or Nothing (UK Mix)
  19. Guilty Of Love (UK Mix)
  20. Love Ain't No Stranger (Starkers In Tokyo)

Whitesnake (1987)Edit

Whitesnake - Whitesnake
  • This album was released in the UK as 1987 and as Serpens Albus in Japan.
UK Release
  1. Still Of The Night
  2. Bad Boys
  3. Give Me All Your Love
  4. Looking For Love
  5. Crying In The Rain
  6. Is This Love
  7. Straight For The Heart
  8. Don't Turn Away
  9. Children Of The Night
  10. Here I Go Again
  11. You're Gonna Break My Heart Again
US Release
  1. Still Of The Night
  2. Crying In The Rain
  3. Bad Boys
  4. Crying In The Rain
  5. Here I Go Again
  6. Give Me All Your Love
  7. Is This Love
  8. Children Of The Night
  9. Straight For The Heart
  10. Don't Turn Away

Slip Of The Tongue (1989)Edit

Whitesnake - Slip Of The Tongue
Slip Of The Tongue
  1. Slip Of The Tongue
  2. Cheap An' Nasty
  3. Fool For Your Loving
  4. Now You're Gone
  5. Kitten's Got Claws
  6. Wings Of The Storm
  7. The Deeper The Love
  8. Judgement Day
  9. Slow Poke Music
  10. Sailing Ships
  11. Sweet Lady Luck (from Greatest Hits)
  12. Now You're Gone (Chris Lord Aldge Remix)
  13. Fool For Your Loving (Vai Voltage Mix)
  14. Slip Of The Tongue (Live At Donnington 1990-08-18)
  15. Kitten's Got Claws (Live At Donnington 1990-08-18)

Whitesnake's Greatest Hits (1994)Edit

Whitesnake - Whitesnake's Greatest Hits
Whitesnake's Greatest Hits
  1. Still Of The Night
  2. Here I Go Again (87 Radio Mix)
  3. Is This Love
  4. Love Ain't No Stranger
  5. Looking For Love
  6. Now You're Gone
  7. Slide It In
  8. Slow An' Easy
  9. Judgement Day
  10. You're Gonna Break My Heart Again
  11. The Deeper The Love
  12. Crying In The Rain
  13. Fool For Your Loving
  14. Sweet Lady Luck

Restless Heart (1997)Edit

Whitesnake - Restless Heart
Restless Heart
  1. Don't Fade Away
  2. All In The Name Of Love
  3. Restless Heart
  4. Too Many Tears
  5. Crying
  6. Stay With Me
  7. Can't Go On
  8. You're So Fine
  9. Your Precious Love
  10. Take Me Back Again
  11. Woman Trouble Blues
  12. Anything You Want (Japan Exclusive)
  13. Can't Stop Now (Japan Exclusive)
  14. Oi (Japan Exclusive)

Good To Be Bad (2008)Edit

Whitesnake - Good To Be Bad
Good To Be Bad
  1. Best Years
  2. Can You Hear The Wind Blow
  3. Call On Me
  4. All I Want All I Need
  5. Good To Be Bad
  6. All For Love
  7. Summer Rain
  8. Lay Down Your Love
  9. A Fool In Love
  10. Got What You Need
  11. 'Til The End Of Time

Forevermore (2011)Edit

Whitesnake - Forevermore
  1. Steal Your Heart Away
  2. All Out Of Luck
  3. Love Will Set You Free
  4. Easier Said Than Done
  5. Tell Me How
  6. I Need You (Shine A Light)
  7. One Of These Days
  8. Love And Treat Me Right
  9. Dogs In The Street
  10. Fare Thee Well
  11. Whipping Boy Blues
  12. My Evil Ways
  13. Forevermore

Live AlbumsEdit

Other SongsEdit

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  1. Adagio For Strato (from Live At Donington 1990)
  2. As Long As I Have You (from Whitesnake "Gold" compilation album)
  3. Burn-Stormbringer
  4. Burn/Stormbringer
  5. Burn
  6. Cheap An Nasty
  7. Flying Dutchman Boogie (from Live At Donington 1990)
  8. Fool For Your Loving '89 (Promo Video)
  9. Good To Be
  10. Judgment Day
  11. Lie Down... I Think I Love You
  12. My Evil Ways; Forevermore
  13. Nighthawk - Vampire Blues
  14. Northwinds
  15. Pistols At Dawn (from Made In Britain/The World Record)
  16. Roco 'N' Roll Women
  17. Say You Love Me
  18. Six String Showdown (from Made In Japan)
  19. Sloe Poke Music
  20. Soldier Of Fortune
  21. The Badger (from Made In Britain/The World Record)
  22. Time And Again
  23. Time Is Right For Love

Additional information

Band members:
  • David Coverdale - Vocals, percussion, piano (1978-current)
  • Tommy Aldridge - Drums, percussion (1987-1990, 2003-current)
  • Doug Aldrich - Guitar (2003-current)
  • Reb Beach - Guitar (2003-current)
  • Timothy Drury - Keyboards (2003-current)
  • Uriah Duffy - Bass (2005-current)
Former members:
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