Whiskeytown:Faithless Street (1995)

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Album by Whiskeytown.
  1. Midway Park
  2. Drank Like A River
  3. Too Drunk To Dream
  4. What May Seem Like Love
  5. Faithless Street
  6. Mining Town
  7. If He Can't Have You
  8. Black Arrow, Bleeding Heart
  9. Matrimony
  10. Hard Luck Story
  11. Top Dollar
  12. Oklahoma
  13. Revenge (hidden track)
Bonus tracks on reissue:
  1. Tennessee Square
  2. Excuse Me While I Break My Own Heart Tonight
  3. Desperate Ain't Lonely
  4. Lo-Fi Tennessee Mountain Angel
  5. Empty Baseball Park (Baseball Park Sessions)
  6. Here's To The Rest Of The World
  7. 16 Days (Baseball Park Sessions)
  8. Yesterday's News (Baseball Park Sessions)
  9. Factory Girl (Baseball Park Sessions)
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