Vulgar:Horror Theatrical Palace Lyrics

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This song is performed by Vulgar.
I punch you through a planet, through an asteroid, for my castle planet
One-zero-zero-zero-one-zero-one-one-zero dynasty
Shining home platoon like a thousand and one red doctors
The wet metal of wild tiger lilies, vital collateral force
__ bitch, shatter star escalade, oceanic, titanium, Everglade, escapade
Vital chronicle, chrome syndrome, Thai siderone and hydrophone
Like sidewinding shape shifter, escape fixer, laughed at metallic elixir
Like Cheyenne Indians from Montana
Translating Mountain Warcloud like peacock feathers, left out the lectures
Find a single large hunting knife down at the Alamo
Most of all mechanical mosquitoes hatch from definitive
Innocent tranquil ankles, head mangler, flesh peddler
Strange chainsaw, angry, angrier
Deranged game plain tangler
Colossal fossil ox, hostel force

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