Vera Lynn:Vol. 1-Sincerely Yours (1992)

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Vera Lynn
Album by Vera Lynn.
  1. Wish Me Luck As You Wave Me Goodbye
  2. Who's Taking You Home Tonight?
  3. I'll Pray For You
  4. A Garden In Granada
  5. Now It Can Be Told
  6. The First Quarrel
  7. When Mother Nature Sings Her Lullaby
  8. We'll Meet Again
  9. Love Makes The World Go Round
  10. I Won't Tell A Soul (I Love You)
  11. I Shall Be Waiting
  12. Maybe
  13. Over The Rainbow
  14. I Hear A Dream (Come Again)
  15. It Always Rains Before The Rainbow
  16. I'll Walk Beside You
  17. Wishing (Will Make It So)
  18. We Both Told A Lie
  19. I'll Think Of You
  20. I'll Remember
  21. Yours
  22. Goodnight Wherever You Are
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