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Vampire Rodents
This song is performed by Vampire Rodents and appears on the album Clockseed (1994).
Why can't the facts be heard or seen?
Because the media hypes a fucking smokescreen
If the real issues at hand aren't on americas favorite talk show
No one gives a damn
Who planned the hit on nancy's leg? Next donohue
While creeps like duke and north make political moves
Or another homeless bum and we just driveby
"Get a fucking job" but we fail to realize
When the system is set up to oppress
You'll find it's hard to get up when you fail their test
And public education is a joke
The government spends more money supplying coke
It won't solve our problems, but let's all take a taste
Look what happened, honey's dead and I'm a waste
Yeah, the drug war is just a reason to shoot the poor
A year round killing season

I turn on the tv
I can't believe my eyes
Their hose keeps getting bigger
The ones they use on all the lies
To make 'em clean, easier to swallow
Nothing to say just a hat full of hollow
They pick on easy targets like music
But music is my weapon and I'm gonna use it
I'll bust a lyrical shot and peel a lyrical cap on the next motherfucker who tries to ban rap
Or industrial, punk
Any form of expression
Art is not a problem, it's simply a reflection
Society creates the world and the hate
Not some rhymes on a fucking tape
That's programmed to spread some info
Or to let you know where the fuck you can go
If you're a person who uses power to hurt or to silence
You see, I'm not violent
So I'm begging you to think and switch
Get with the program, too
Leave the ignorance and the hate behind yo

I go to the music store
If you're under 18 you can't buy hardcore
'Cause it's censorship in disguise
Hypocrites with picket signs I despise
They never know what's going on
Look at yourself before you analyze the song
Goddamn, they're living in lullabye land
"Give me back my hand"
But you can keep it if you wanna get violent
I refuse to fight like I refuse to be silent
'Cause destruction just brings destruction
And destruction could make your body and mind malfunction
So just look at yourself and be true at all cost
Head for the point that we've never crossed
A mark on the street where two hands meet
Is it another day or is it peace

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