Ultravox:Lament (1984)

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Album by Ultravox.
  1. White China
  2. One Small Day
  3. Dancing With Tears in My Eyes
  4. Lament
  5. Man of Two Worlds
  6. Heart of the Country
  7. When the Time Comes
  8. A Friend I Call Desire
Bonus tracks on 1999 reissue
  1. Easterly
  2. Building
  3. Heart of the Country (instrumental)
  4. Man of Two Worlds (instrumental)
  5. White China (special mix)
  6. One Small Day (extended mix)
  7. Lament (extended mix)
Bonus disc on 2009 reissue
  1. One Small Day (special remix)
  2. Easterly
  3. Lament (extended mix)
  4. One Small Day (special remix extra)
  5. Dancing With Tears in My Eyes (special remix)
  6. Building
  7. White China (special mix)
  8. Heart of the Country (instrumental)
  9. One Small Day (final mix)
  10. A Friend I Call Desire (work in progress mix)
  11. Lament (work in progress mix)
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