Todd Rundgren:Something/Anything? (1972)

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Todd Rundgren
Album by Todd Rundgren.
Disc One
  1. I Saw The Light
  2. It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference
  3. Wolfman Jack
  4. Cold Morning Light
  5. It Takes Two To Tango (This Is For The Girls)
  6. Sweeter Memories
  7. Intro
  8. Breathless
  9. The Night The Carousel Burned Down
  10. Saving Grace
  11. Marlene
  12. Song Of The Viking
  13. I Went To The Mirror
Disc Two
  1. Black Maria
  2. One More Day (No Word)
  3. Couldn't I Just Tell You
  4. Torch Song
  5. Little Red Lights
  6. Overture—My Roots: Money (That's What I Want) / Messin' With The Kid
  7. Dust In The Wind
  8. Piss Aaron
  9. Hello It's Me
  10. Some Folks Is Even Whiter Than Me
  11. You Left Me Sore
  12. Slut
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