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They Might Be Giants (1986)Edit

They Might Be Giants - They Might Be Giants
They Might Be Giants
  1. Everything Right Is Wrong Again
  2. Put Your Hand Inside the Puppet Head
  3. Number Three
  4. Don't Let's Start
  5. Hide Away Folk Family
  6. 32 Footsteps
  7. Toddler Hiway
  8. Rabid Child
  9. Nothing's Gonna Change My Clothes
  10. (She Was a) Hotel Detective
  11. She's an Angel
  12. Youth Culture Killed My Dog
  13. Boat of Car
  14. Absolutely Bill's Mood
  15. Chess Piece Face
  16. I Hope That I Get Old Before I Die
  17. Alienation's for the Rich
  18. The Day
  19. Rhythm Section Want Ad

Lincoln (1988)Edit

They Might Be Giants - Lincoln
  1. Ana Ng
  2. Cowtown
  3. Lie Still, Little Bottle
  4. Purple Toupee
  5. Cage & Aquarium
  6. Where Your Eyes Don't Go
  7. Piece of Dirt
  8. Mr. Me
  9. Pencil Rain
  10. The World's Address
  11. I've Got a Match
  12. Santa's Beard
  13. You'll Miss Me
  14. They'll Need a Crane
  15. Shoehorn With Teeth
  16. Stand on Your Own Head
  17. Snowball in Hell
  18. Kiss Me, Son of God

Flood (1990)Edit

They Might Be Giants - Flood
  1. Theme From Flood
  2. Birdhouse in Your Soul
  3. Lucky Ball & Chain
  4. Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
  5. Dead
  6. Your Racist Friend
  7. Particle Man
  8. Twisting
  9. We Want a Rock
  10. Someone Keeps Moving My Chair
  11. Hearing Aid
  12. Minimum Wage
  13. Letterbox
  14. Whistling in the Dark
  15. Hot Cha
  16. Women & Men
  17. Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love
  18. They Might Be Giants
  19. Road Movie to Berlin

Istanbul (Not Constantinople) (1990)Edit

They Might Be Giants - Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
  1. Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
  2. James K. Polk
  3. Stormy Pinkness
  4. Ant
  5. Istanbul (Not Constantinople) (Brownsville mix)

Miscellaneous T (1991)Edit

They Might Be Giants - Miscellaneous T
Miscellaneous T
  1. Hey, Mr. DJ, I Thought You Said We Had a Deal
  2. Lady Is a Tramp
  3. Birds Fly
  4. The World's Address (Joshua Fried remix)
  5. Nightgown of the Sullen Moon
  6. I'll Sink Manhattan
  7. It's Not My Birthday
  8. Hello Radio
  9. Mr. Klaw
  10. Kiss Me, Son of God (alternate version)
  11. The Biggest One
  12. For Science
  13. [untitled]
  14. (She Was a) Hotel Detective (single mix)
  15. The Famous Polka
  16. When It Rains It Snows
  17. We're The Replacements
  18. Don't Let's Start (single mix)

Apollo 18 (1992)Edit

They Might Be Giants - Apollo 18
Apollo 18
  1. Dig My Grave
  2. I Palindrome I
  3. She's Actual Size
  4. My Evil Twin
  5. Mammal
  6. The Statue Got Me High
  7. Spider
  8. The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight)
  9. Dinner Bell
  10. Narrow Your Eyes
  11. Hall of Heads
  12. Which Describes How You're Feeling
  13. See the Constellation
  14. If I Wasn't Shy
  15. Turn Around
  16. Hypnotist of Ladies
  17. Fingertips
  18. Space Suit
Some releases split Fingertips into the following individual tracks:
  1. Everything's Catching on Fire
  2. Fingertips
  3. I Hear the Wind Blow
  4. Hey Now Everybody Now
  5. Who's That Standing Out My Window?
  6. I Found a New Friend Underneath My Pillow
  7. Come on and Wreck My Car
  8. Aren't You the Guy Who Hit Me in the Eye?
  9. Please Pass the Milk, Please
  10. Leave Me Alone
  11. Who's Knocking on the Wall?
  12. All Alone All Alone
  13. What's That Blue Thing Doing Here?
  14. Something Grabbed Ahold of My Hand
  15. I Don't Understand You
  16. I Heard a Sound
  17. Mysterious Whisper
  18. The Day That Love Came to Play
  19. I'm Having a Heart Attack
  20. Fingertips (reprise)
  21. I Walk Along Darkened Corridors

I Palindrome I (1992)Edit

They Might Be Giants - I Palindrome I (EP)
I Palindrome I
  1. I Palindrome I
  2. Cabbagetown
  3. Siftin'
  4. Larger Than Life

The Guitar (1992)Edit

They Might Be Giants - The Guitar
The Guitar
  1. The Guitar (Williamsburgh mix)
  2. The Guitar (Outer Planet mix)
  3. Welcome to the Jungle
  4. I Blame You
  5. Moving to the Sun
  6. The Guitar (Even Further Outer Planet mix)

Why Does The Sun Shine? (1993)Edit

They Might Be Giants - Why Does The Sun Shine - The Sun Is A Mass Of Incandescent Gas
Why Does The Sun Shine?
  1. Why Does the Sun Shine? (The Sun Is a Mass of Incandescent Gas)
  2. Jessica
  3. Whirlpool
  4. Spy

Back to Skull (1994)Edit

They Might Be Giants - Back To Skull
Back to Skull
  1. Snail Shell
  2. Ondine
  3. She Was a Hotel Detective
  4. Mrs. Train
  5. Snail Dust (The Dust Brothers remix of Snail Shell)

John Henry (1994)Edit

They Might Be Giants - John Henry
John Henry
  1. Subliminal
  2. Snail Shell
  3. Sleeping in the Flowers
  4. Unrelated Thing
  5. AKA Driver
  6. I Should Be Allowed to Think
  7. Extra Savoir-Faire
  8. Why Must I Be Sad?
  9. Spy
  10. O, Do Not Forsake Me
  11. No One Knows My Plan
  12. Dirt Bike
  13. Destination Moon
  14. A Self Called Nowhere
  15. Meet James Ensor
  16. Thermostat
  17. Window
  18. Out of Jail
  19. Stomp Box
  20. The End of the Tour

Factory Showroom (1996)Edit

They Might Be Giants - Factory Showroom
Factory Showroom
  1. Token Back to Brooklyn
  2. S-E-X-X-Y
  3. Till My Head Falls Off
  4. How Can I Sing Like a Girl?
  5. Exquisite Dead Guy
  6. Metal Detector
  7. New York City
  8. Your Own Worst Enemy
  9. XTC vs. Adam Ant
  10. Spiraling Shape
  11. James K. Polk
  12. Pet Name
  13. I Can Hear You
  14. The Bells Are Ringing
Bonus tracks on Japanese release
  1. Unforgotten
  2. Sensurround

S-E-X-X-Y (1996)Edit

They Might Be Giants - S-E-X-X-Y
  1. S-E-X-X-Y (radio mix)
  2. Sensurround
  3. Unforgotten
  4. We've Got a World That Swings
  5. S-E-X-X-Y (The Warren Rigg Microwave mix)

Then: The Earlier Years (1997)Edit

They Might Be Giants - Then- The Earlier Years
Then: The Earlier Years

Reissue of original They Might Be Giants album, plus

Alternate album track replacement
  1. Don't Let's Start (single mix)
EP B-Sides
  1. We're the Replacements
  2. When It Rains It Snows
  3. The Famous Polka
  4. [untitled]
  5. For Science
  6. The Biggest One
  7. Kiss Me, Son of God (alternate version)
  8. Mr. Klaw
Bonus Tracks
  1. Critic Intro
  2. Now That I Have Everything
  3. Mainstream U.S.A.
  4. Fake Out in Buenos Aires
  5. Greek #3
  6. Hope That I Get Old Before I Die (original version)
  7. I'm Def
  8. Don't Let's Start (demo version)
  9. '85 Radio Special Thank You
Disc 2: Lincoln

Reissue of original Lincoln album, plus

EP B-Sides
  1. Hello Radio
  2. It's Not My Birthday
  3. I'll Sink Manhattan
  4. Nightgown of the Sullen Moon
  5. The World's Address (Joshua Fried remix)
  6. Hey, Mr. DJ, I Thought You Said We Had a Deal
  7. Lady Is a Tramp
  8. Birds Fly
Bonus Tracks
  1. Kitten Intro
  2. Weep Day
  3. The Big Big Whoredom
  4. I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You (adaptation)
  5. Become a Robot
  6. Which Describes How You're Feeling
  7. Swing Is a Word
  8. Doris Cunningham
  9. Counterfeit Fake
  10. Schoolchildren Singing "Particle Man"

Severe Tire Damage (1998)Edit

They Might Be Giants - Severe Tire Damage
Severe Tire Damage
  1. Doctor Worm
  2. Severe Tire Damage Theme
  3. They Got Lost
  4. Why Does the Sun Shine? (The Sun Is a Mass of Incandescent Gas)
  5. Birdhouse In Your Soul
  6. She's an Angel
  7. XTC vs. Adam Ant
  8. Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
  9. Ana Ng
  10. First Kiss
  11. Spider
  12. Particle Man
  13. She's Actual Size
  14. S-E-X-X-Y
  15. Meet James Ensor
  16. Till My Head Falls Off
  17. About Me
  18. Planet of the Apes
  19. Return to the Planet of the Apes
  20. Conquest of the Planet of the Apes
  21. Escape From the Planet of the Apes
  22. Battle for the Planet of the Apes
  23. Beneath the Planet of the Apes
  24. This Ape's for You

Long Tall Weekend (1999)Edit

They Might Be Giants - Long Tall Weekend
Long Tall Weekend
  1. Drinkin'
  2. (She Thinks She's) Edith Head
  3. Maybe I Know
  4. Rat Patrol
  5. Token Back to Brooklyn
  6. Older
  7. Operators Are Standing By
  8. Dark and Metric
  9. Reprehensible
  10. Certain People I Could Name
  11. Counterfeit Faker
  12. They Got Lost
  13. Lullaby to Nightmares
  14. On Earth My Nina
  15. The Edison Museum

Working Undercover for the Man (2000)Edit

They Might Be Giants - Working Undercover For The Man
Working Undercover for the Man
  1. Rest Awhile
  2. Working Undercover for the Man
  3. I Am a Human Head
  4. Empty Bottle Collector
  5. On the Drag
  6. Radio They Might Be Giants 1
  7. Radio They Might Be Giants 2
  8. Radio They Might Be Giants 3
  9. Robot Parade (adult version)

Mink Car (2001)Edit

They Might Be Giants - Mink Car
Mink Car
  1. Bangs
  2. Cyclops Rock
  3. Man, It's So Loud in Here
  4. Mr. Xcitement (featuring Mike Doughty)
  5. Another First Kiss
  6. I've Got a Fang
  7. Hovering Sombrero
  8. Yeh Yeh
  9. Hopeless Bleak Despair
  10. Drink!
  11. My Man
  12. Older
  13. Mink Car
  14. Wicked Little Critta
  15. Finished With Lies
  16. She Thinks She's Edith Head
  17. Working Undercover for the Man
Japan bonus tracks
  1. Boss of Me
  2. Your Mom's Alright
  3. MacGyver
  4. Robot Parade (adult version)
Australia bonus track
  1. Boss of Me

They Might Be Giants in... Holidayland (2001)Edit

They Might Be Giants - They Might Be Giants In... Holidayland
They Might Be Giants In... Holidayland
  1. Santa Claus
  2. Santa's Beard
  3. Feast of Lights
  4. Careless Santa by Mono Puff
  5. O Tannenbaum

No! (2002)Edit

They Might Be Giants - No!
  1. Fibber Island
  2. Four of Two
  3. Robot Parade
  4. No!
  5. Where Do They Make Balloons?
  6. In the Middle, in the Middle, in the Middle (featuring Robin Goldwasser))
  7. Violin
  8. John Lee Supertaster
  9. The Edison Museum (featuring Nicholas Hill))
  10. The House at the Top of the Tree
  11. Clap Your Hands
  12. I Am Not Your Broom
  13. Wake Up Call
  14. I Am a Grocery Bag
  15. Lazyhead and Sleepybones
  16. Bed Bed Bed
  17. Sleepwalkers

They Got Lost (2002)Edit

They Might Be Giants - They Got Lost
They Got Lost
  1. Rest Awhile
  2. Truth in Your Words
  3. On the Drag
  4. All Alone
  5. Down to the Bottom of the Sea
  6. I'm Sick (of This American Life)
  7. Words Are Like (demo)
  8. I Am a Human Head
  9. Oranges
  10. Empty Bottle Blues
  11. They Got Lost
  12. Reprehensible
  13. Rat Patrol
  14. The Army's Tired Now
  15. Certain People I Could Name
  16. Theme to McSweeney's
  17. Dollar for Dollar
  18. Mosh Momken Abadon
  19. Token Back to Brooklyn
  20. Disappointing Show
  21. Oranges Testimonial

Indestructible Object (2004)Edit

They Might Be Giants - Indestructible Object
Indestructible Object
  1. Am I Awake?
  2. Memo to Human Resources
  3. Au Contraire
  4. Ant
  5. Caroline, No

The Spine (2004)Edit

They Might Be Giants - The Spine
The Spine
  1. Experimental Film
  2. Spine
  3. Memo to Human Resources
  4. Wearing a Raincoat
  5. Prevenge
  6. Thunderbird
  7. Bastard Wants to Hit Me
  8. The World Before Later On
  9. Museum of Idiots
  10. It's Kickin' In
  11. Spines
  12. Au Contraire
  13. Damn Good Times
  14. Broke in Two
  15. Stalk of Wheat
  16. I Can't Hide From My Mind
Bonus track on original iTunes release
  1. Renew My Subscription

The Spine Surfs Alone (2004)Edit

They Might Be Giants - The Spine Surfs Alone
The Spine Surfs Alone
  1. The Spine Surfs Alone
  2. Now Is Strange
  3. I'm All You Can Think About
  4. Fun Assassin
  5. Skullivan
  6. The Other Side of the World
  7. Canada Haunts Me

Here Come the ABCs (2005)Edit

They Might Be Giants - Here Come The ABCs
Here Come the ABCs
  1. Here Come the ABCs
  2. Alphabet of Nations
  3. E Eats Everything
  4. Flying V
  5. Q U
  6. Go for G!
  7. Pictures of Pandas Painting
  8. D & W
  9. Fake-Believe
  10. Can You Find It?
  11. The Vowel Family
  12. Letter / Not a Letter
  13. Alphabet Lost and Found
  14. I C U
  15. Letter Shapes
  16. Who Put the Alphabet in Alphabetical Order?
  17. Rolling O
  18. L M N O
  19. C Is for Conifers
  20. Fake-Believe (Type B)
  21. D Is for Drums
  22. Z Y X
  23. Goodnight My Friends
  24. Clap Your Hands
  25. Here in Higglytown (theme to Playhouse Disney's Higglytown Heroes)
Bonus track on edition
  1. Hovering Sombrero '05
Bonus track on Best Buy edition
  1. I Never Go to Work

The Else (2007)Edit

They Might Be Giants - The Else
The Else
  1. I'm Impressed
  2. Take Out the Trash
  3. Upside Down Frown
  4. Climbing the Walls
  5. Careful What You Pack
  6. The Cap'm
  7. With the Dark
  8. The Shadow Government
  9. Bee of the Bird of the Moth
  10. Withered Hope
  11. Contrecoup
  12. Feign Amnesia
  13. The Mesopotamians
Bonus Disc: Cast Your Pod to the Wind
  1. Put Your Hand on the Computer
  2. I'm Your Boyfriend Now
  3. Why Did You Grow a Beard?
  4. We Live in a Dump
  5. Brain Problem Situation
  6. Sketchy Galore
  7. Microphone
  8. Vestibule
  9. Greasy Kid Stuff
  10. Metal Detector (live)
  11. Employee of the Month
  12. Homunculus
  13. No Plan B (live)
  14. Morgan in the Morning ID
  15. Kendra McCormick
  16. Yeah, the Deranged Millionaire
  17. My Other Phone Is a Boom Car
  18. I Hear a New World
  19. (She Was a) Hotel Detective in the Future
  20. Haunted Floating Eye
  21. Scott Bower
  22. The Mexican Drill
  23. Cast Your Pod to the Wind

Here Come The 123s (2008)Edit

They Might Be Giants - Here Come The 123s
Here Come the 123s
  1. Here Come the 123s
  2. Zeroes
  3. One Everything
  4. Number Two
  5. Triops Has Three Eyes
  6. Apartment Four
  7. High Five!
  8. The Secret Life of Six
  9. Seven
  10. Seven Days of the Week (I Never Go to Work)
  11. Figure Eight
  12. Pirate Girls Nine
  13. Nine Bowls of Soup
  14. Ten Mississippi
  15. One Dozen Monkeys (featuring Hannah Levine)
  16. Eight Hundred and Thirteen Mile Car Trip
  17. Infinity
  18. I Can Add
  19. Nonagon
  20. Even Numbers
  21. Ooh La! Ooh La!
  22. Heart of the Band
  23. Hot Dog!
  24. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme
Bonus tracks on edition
  1. One Two Three Four
  2. John Lee Supertaster (live)
  3. Bed, Bed, Bed (live)

Here Comes Science (2009)Edit

They Might Be Giants - Here Comes Science
Here Comes Science
  1. Science Is Real
  2. Meet the Elements
  3. I Am a Paleontologist (featuring Danny Weinkauf)
  4. The Bloodmobile
  5. Electric Car (featuring Robin Goldwasser)
  6. My Brother the Ape
  7. What Is a Shooting Star?
  8. How Many Planets?
  9. Why Does the Sun Shine?
  10. Why Does the Sun Really Shine?
  11. Roy G. Biv
  12. Put It to the Test
  13. Photosynthesis
  14. Cells
  15. Speed and Velocity (featuring Marty Beller)
  16. Computer Assisted Design
  17. Solid Liquid Gas
  18. Here Comes Science
  19. The Ballad of Davy Crockett (in Outer Space)
Bonus track on MP3 release
  1. Waves

Join Us (2011)Edit

They Might Be Giants - Join Us
Join Us
  1. Can't Keep Johnny Down
  2. You Probably Get That a Lot
  3. Old Pine Box
  4. Canajoharie
  5. Cloisonné
  6. Let Your Hair Hang Down
  7. Celebration
  8. In Fact
  9. When Will You Die
  10. Protagonist
  11. Judy Is Your Viet Nam
  12. Never Knew Love
  13. The Lady and the Tiger
  14. Spoiler Alert
  15. Dog Walker
  16. 2082
  17. Three Might Be Duende
  18. You Don't Like Me

Album Raises New and Troubling Questions (2011)Edit

They Might Be Giants - Album Raises New And Troubling Questions
Album Raises New and Troubling Questions
  1. O We
  2. Authenticity Trip
  3. You Probably Get That a Lot (Elegant Too remix)
  4. Marty Beller Mask
  5. Now I Know
  6. How Now Dark Cloud?
  7. The Fellowship of Hell
  8. Mountain Flowers
  9. Doom Doom
  10. Money for Dope
  11. Read a Book
  12. Havalina
  13. Tubthumping featuring The Onion AV Club Choir
  14. Electronic Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
  15. Cloisonné (live studio version)
  16. 200 Sbemails (for Homestar Runner)
  17. Boat of Car featuring The Other Thing Brass Band
  18. Mr. Me featuring The Other Thing Brass Band
  19. Dirt Bike featuring The Other Thing Brass Band
  20. Particle Man featuring The Other Thing Brass Band
Bonus digital media videos
  1. You Probably Get That a Lot
  2. Can't Keep Johnny Down (Surround version)
  3. Can't Keep Johnny Down (Bees Knees version)
  4. Spoiler Alert
  5. Cloisonné

Nanobots (2013)Edit

They Might Be Giants - Nanobots
  1. You're on Fire
  2. Nanobots
  3. Black Ops
  4. Lost My Mind
  5. Circular Karate Chop
  6. Call You Mom
  7. Tesla
  8. Sleep
  9. Stone Cold Coup d'Etat
  10. Sometimes a Lonely Way
  11. Destroy the Past
  12. 9 Secret Steps
  13. Hive Mind
  14. Decision Makers
  15. Nouns
  16. There
  17. Insect Hospital
  18. Tick
  19. Replicant
  20. The Darlings of Lumberland
  21. Great
  22. Stuff Is Way
  23. Icky
  24. Too Tall Girl
  25. Didn't Kill Me

Songs from Compilations and SoundtracksEdit

Other SongsEdit

The songs listed below should be split into albums. Please remove this section once this has been done. (more information)
  1. (Untitled Track)
  2. 200 SBemails
  3. Ballad Of Davy Crockett (In Outer Space)
  4. Baroque Hoedown
  5. Battle For The Planet Of The Apes - Hidden Track
  6. Bloodmobile
  7. Brainwashin' Our Fighting Boys
  8. Bread Hair
  9. Choo Choo Express
  10. Christmas Cards
  11. Clowntown
  12. Concrete And Clay
  13. Confusing The Mind
  14. Courage The Cowardly Dog
  15. Crystal Fortress
  16. Cupid
  17. Dallas
  18. Didn’t Kill Me
  19. Don't Know Why It Takes That Long
  20. Fake Believe (Type B)
  21. Fingertips 3 - I Hear The Wind
  22. Free Bird's Rebirth
  23. Greek 3 ('Number Three' Sung In Greek)
  24. Greek 3
  25. Happy Doesn't Have To Have An Ending
  26. Hell Hotel
  27. Hey Everybody
  28. Hi Honey, I'm Home
  29. Hidden Number 1 The Planet Of The Apes
  30. Hidden Number 3 Conquest Of The Planet Of The Apes
  31. Hidden Number 4 Escape From The Planet Of The Apes
  32. Hidden Number 6 Beneath The Planet Of The Apes
  33. Hidden
  34. Hiya
  35. How Much Cake Can You Eat
  36. I Find It Hard To Believe
  37. I Might Be Giants Too
  38. I Need Some Lovin'
  39. I'm Getting Sentimental Over You (Adaptation)
  40. I've Got A World That Swings# Living Doll
  41. Idlewild
  42. Impossible
  43. Introducing C Is For Conifers
  44. Introducing Z Y X
  45. Mainstream
  46. Mario Speaks
  47. Memphis
  48. Monsters Of Mud
  49. Mrs. Cinderella
  50. Next Plane To London
  51. Not Too Clear Not Too Long
  52. Outboard Part Of Man
  53. Purple Toupee (Demo)
  54. Raleigh
  55. Somebody Took My Eyeball
  56. Spider-Man Theme Song
  57. Stone Cold Coup D'etat
  58. Stone Cold Coup D’Etat
  59. Summer Breeze
  60. The Feel Good Sublet
  61. The King Of Wingo
  62. The Power Of Tmbg Dial A Song
  63. The Writing's On The Wall
  64. Theme From Unlimited
  65. There's A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow
  66. There's A New Song Every Hour
  67. Tigerella
  68. Tiny Doctors
  69. Tippecanoe And Tyler Too
  70. Token Back To Brooklyn (Demo)
  71. Towson
  72. Valentine
  73. Vancouver
  74. We Just Go Nuts At Christmastime
  75. We Love All The People
  76. When Tornadoes Take Over The World
  77. World's Address
  78. You Are Old, Father William
  79. You’re On Fire
  80. Monday Morning

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