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The Zombies (1965)Edit

The Zombies - The Zombies
The Zombies
  1. She's not There
  2. Summertime
  3. It's Alright with Me
  4. You've Really Got a Hold on Me/Bring It on Home to Me
  5. Sometimes
  6. Woman
  7. Tell Her No
  8. I Don't Want to Know
  9. Work 'n' Play
  10. Can't Nobody Love You
  11. What More Can I Do
  12. I Got My Mojo Working

Begin Here (1965)Edit

The Zombies - Begin Here
Begin Here
  1. Road Runner
  2. Summertime
  3. I Can't Make up My Mind
  4. The Way I Feel Inside
  5. Work 'n' Play
  6. You've Really Got a Hold on Me/Bring It on Home to Me
  7. She's not There
  8. Sticks and Stones
  9. Can't Nobody Love You
  10. Woman
  11. I Don't Want to Know
  12. I Remember when I Loved Her
  13. What More Can I Do
  14. I Got My Mojo Working
  15. It's Alright with Me
  16. Sometimes
  17. Kind of Girl
  18. Tell Her No
  19. Sticks and Stones (Alternate Take)
  20. It's Alright with Me (Alternate Take)
  21. I Know She Will
  22. I'll Keep Trying

Odessey and Oracle (1968)Edit

The Zombies - Odessey and Oracle
Odessey and Oracle
  1. Care of Cell 44
  2. A Rose for Emily
  3. Maybe After He's Gone
  4. Beechwood Park
  5. Brief Candles
  6. Hung up on a Dream
  7. Changes
  8. I Want Her She Wants Me
  9. This Will Be Our Year
  10. Butcher's Tale (Western Front 1914)
  11. Friends of Mine
  12. Time of the Season

The Singles A's & B's (1984)Edit

The Zombies - The Singles A's & B's
The Singles A's & B's
  1. She's not There
  2. Leave Me Be
  3. Tell Her No
  4. She's Coming Home
  5. I Want You back Again
  6. Whenever You're Ready
  7. Is This the Dream
  8. Remember You
  9. Indication
  10. Gotta Get a Hold of Myself
  11. Goin' out of My Head
  12. You Make Me Feel Good
  13. Woman
  14. What More Can I Do
  15. I Must Move
  16. I Remember when I Loved Her
  17. I Love You
  18. Don't Go Away
  19. Just out of Reach
  20. How We Were Before
  21. The Way I Feel Inside
  22. She Does Everything for Me

New World (1991)Edit

The Zombies - New World
New World
  1. New World (My America)
  2. When Love Breaks down
  3. I Can't Be Wrong
  4. Lula Lula
  5. Heaven's Gate
  6. Time of the Season
  7. Moonday Morning Dance
  8. Blue
  9. Nights on Fire
  10. Losing You
  11. Alone in Paradise
  12. Knowing You
  13. Love Conquers All

As Far as I Can See..... (2004)Edit

The Zombies - As Far As I Can See.....
As Far as I Can See.....
  1. In My Mind a Miracle
  2. Memphis
  3. Southside of the Street
  4. I Want to Fly
  5. Time to Move
  6. I Don't Believe in Miracles
  7. As Far as I Can See
  8. With You not Here
  9. Wings Against the Sun
  10. Together
  11. Look for a Better Way

Breathe Out, Breathe In (2011)Edit

The Zombies - Breathe Out, Breathe In
Breathe Out, Breathe In
  1. Breathe Out, Breathe In
  2. Any Other Way
  3. Play It For Real
  4. Shine On Sunshine
  5. Show Me The Way
  6. A Moment In Time
  7. Christmas For The Free
  8. Another Day
  9. I Do Believe
  10. Let It Go

Other SongsEdit

  1. A Love That Never Was
  2. Butchers Tale (Western Front 1914)
  3. Call Of The Night
  4. Come On Time
  5. Don't Cry For Me
  6. Girl Help Me
  7. I Don't Want To Worry
  8. I'll Call You Mine
  9. I'm Coming Home
  10. If It Don't Work Out
  11. Imagine The Swan
  12. It's All Right With Me
  13. It's Alright
  14. MR. GALILEO - Chris White & Argent
  15. Nothing's Changed
  16. One Day I'll Say Goodbye
  17. Out Of The Day
  18. SHE'S NOT THERE - Neil MacArthur
  19. She Loves The Way They Love Her
  20. Smokey Day
  21. Spooky Little Girl Like You
  22. The Butcher's Tale (Western Front 1914)
  23. The Kindof Girl
  24. The Look Of Love
  25. This Old Heart Of Mine
  26. Time Of The Season (Alternate Mix)
  27. Walking In The Sun
  28. Way I Feel Inside
  29. Whenever Your Ready
  30. World Of Glass
  31. You Make Me Feel So Good
  32. You've Really Got A Hold On Me
  33. Groenlandia

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