The Wrath Of Vesuvius:Destroyer Lyrics

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The Wrath Of Vesuvius
This song is performed by The Wrath Of Vesuvius.
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A watching eye peering down on his weakened creation, pointless lives clinching hope, pleading for a will to live. Through these nightmares we can't translate what's warned. A spoon-fed structure blindfolding acknowledgment. Archaic encoding foretells destiny. Equations depicted from the vast stellar gaze. An interminable cycle we've neglected and ignored. Voices from ancient legions are whispering in our ears, speaking in serpent's tongue. No direct correlation between where you are standing and what is surrounding. A fine line drawn just to settle the speculation. A fine line, if crossed, shot on spot consequence. Long lost torched excerpts decoding a fate, answers resting with the soot burying all. An intergalactic alignment to a parallel figure. A portal through the serpent holder. Behold annihilation of worlds as we know them. An interminable rapture, an interminable rapture. Annihilation of worlds as we know them. Enter the eye of the bird. Bow to the lord, the new heir to the throne: The Serpent Holder, The Destroyer.

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