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Go for the Jugular (2002)Edit

The Spill Canvas - Go for the Jugular
Go for the Jugular
  1. Under The Covers
  2. The Season
  3. If I Could Write It In Blood
  4. The Night Will Go As Follows
  5. Caterpillars
  6. Burning Up
  7. Charcoal Gray Above
  8. Black Dresses In The Dirt
  9. Catching Sparks
  10. Sunsets And Car Crashes

Sunsets and Car Crashes (2004)Edit

The Spill Canvas - Sunsets and Car Crashes
Sunsets and Car Crashes
  1. Aim, Snap, Fall
  2. Caterpillars
  3. The Tide
  4. Your Evil Soul
  5. Bracelets
  6. The Night Will Go As Follows
  7. All Hail The Heartbreaker
  8. So Much
  9. 3685
  10. Black Dresses
  11. Under The Covers
  12. Sunsets And Car Crashes

One Fell Swoop (2005)Edit

The Spill Canvas - One Fell Swoop
One Fell Swoop
  1. Lust A Prima Vista
  2. Staplegunned
  3. Polygraph, Right Now
  4. The Dutch Courage
  5. Natalie Marie And 1CC
  6. Teleport: A & B
  7. Break A Leg
  8. This Is For Keeps
  9. Himerus And Eros
  10. Valiant
  11. Secret Oath
  12. Bound To Happen
  13. Self-Conclusion

Denial Feels So Good (2007)Edit

The Spill Canvas - Denial Feels So Good EP
Denial Feels So Good
  1. Staplegunned (Remix)
  2. Gold Dust Woman
  3. To Live Without It
  4. Appreciation
  5. Catch The Wind

No Really, I'm Fine (2007)Edit

The Spill Canvas - No Really, I'm Fine
No Really, I'm Fine
  1. Reckless Abandonment
  2. All Over You
  3. Battles
  4. The Truth
  5. Saved
  6. Hush Hush
  7. Low Fidelity
  8. Connect The Dots
  9. Bleed, Everyone's Doing It
  10. Appreciation And The Bomb
  11. One Thing Is For Sure
  12. Lullaby

Abnormalities (2010)Edit

The Spill Canvas - Abnormalities
  1. Gateway Drug
  2. Don't Let Your Enemies Become Friends
  3. Good Graces, Bad Influence

Standalone RecordingEdit

  1. Homesick

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