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The Protomen (2005)Edit

The Protomen - The Protomen
The Protomen
  • The lyrics book for The Protomen includes written pieces that reveal story elements not evident in the song's lyrics. These are differentiated from the actual lyrics with italics.
  1. Hope Rides Alone
  2. Funeral for a Son
  3. Unrest in the House of Light
  4. The Will of One
  5. Vengeance
  6. The Stand (Man or Machine)
  7. The Sons of Fate
  8. Due Vendetta

Father of Death (2008)Edit

The Protomen - Father of Death
Father of Death
  1. Father of Death
  2. No Easy Way Out

Act II: The Father of Death (2009)Edit

The Protomen - Act II- The Father of Death
Act II: The Father of Death
  1. Intermission
  2. The Good Doctor
  3. Father of Death
  4. The Hounds
  5. The State vs. Thomas Light
  6. Give Us the Rope
  7. How the World Fell Under Darkness
  8. Breaking Out
  9. Keep Quiet
  10. Light Up the Night
  11. The Fall
  12. Here Comes the Arm

Present: A Night of Queen (2012)Edit

The Protomen - Present- A Night of Queen
Present: A Night of Queen
  1. Intro
  2. Flash
  3. Battle Theme
  4. Don't Stop Me Now
  5. Killer Queen
  6. Hammer to Fall
  7. One Vision
  8. Somebody to Love
  9. Princes of the Universe
  10. Death on Two Legs
  11. I Want to Break Free
  12. Scandal
  13. I Want it All
  14. The Show Must Go On
  15. Under Pressure
  16. Bohemian Rhapsody
  17. Due Vendetta
  18. Outro

I Drove All Night (2012)Edit

The Protomen - I Drove All Night
I Drove All Night
  1. I Drove All Night
  2. Silent Running/Breaking Out

Cover Up EP (2014)Edit

The Protomen - The Cover Up EP
Cover Up EP
  1. Danger Zone
  2. No Easy Way Out
  3. The Trooper
  4. I Drove All Night

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Other SongsEdit

  1. Beard's Going Nowhere

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