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The Prayer Chain
This song is performed by The Prayer Chain and appears on the album Mercury (1995), on the album Antarctica (1996) and on the live EP Live At CBGB's 11.1.95 (2005).
All the pressure
Of the Huron Lake
All the waterdogs
Turnin' the crank
Pulling me under

Ever did I feel the need
For something more
Ever did I feel the nned

All the fissure
Of Payne's Bay
All the sounds
Of nowadays
Turning into a twister

All the angels of hopelessness
All the angels of loving kindness
All rise from the sad
Ever did I need to see
The face of God

Ever did I feel the need
To see the face of something pure

Music by:

The Prayer Chain

Lyrics by:

Eric Campuzano

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