The Monochrome Set:The Lost Weekend (1985)

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The Monochrome Set
  1. Jacob's Ladder
  2. Sugarplum
  3. Cargo
  4. Take Foz
  5. Letter From Viola
  6. Don't Touch
  7. The Twitch
  8. Wallflower
  9. Starry Nowhere
  10. Boom Boom
  11. Cowboy Country
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Albums by The Monochrome Set

Albums: Strange Boutique (1980)Love Zombies (1980)Eligible Bachelors (1982)The Lost Weekend (1985)Dante's Casino (1990)Jack (1991)Charade (1993)Misère (1994)Trinity Road (1995)

Compilations: The Independent Singles Collection (2008)

Live albums: Fin (1986)

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