The Monkees:The Monkees Present (1969)

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The Monkees
Album by The Monkees.
  1. Little Girl
  2. Good Clean Fun
  3. If I Knew
  4. Bye Bye Baby Bye Bye
  5. Never Tell A Woman Yes
  6. Looking For The Good Times
  7. Ladies Aid Society
  8. Listen To The Band
  9. French Song
  10. Mommy And Daddy
  11. Oklahoma Backroom Dancer
  12. Pillow Time
  13. Calico Girlfriend Samba
  14. The Good Earth
  15. Listen To The Band (Unissued Version)
  16. Mommy And Daddy (Unissued Version)
  17. The Monkees Present Radio Promo
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