The Littlest Man Band:Bad That Is Beautiful Lyrics

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The Littlest Man Band
This song is performed by The Littlest Man Band.
Here comes the bride all dressed in white
But she's gonna change her mind about this time
Here comes the groom deep in his gloom
And he's gonna help her move on to next time

They laugh and shout rant and rave all about
All the good fun they've had this time
Though he has his fears he's harboured for years
And they're gonna lead her on to next time

Practice makes perfect is what they all say
Butno amount of practice will be able to stop you from feeling something
Bad that is beautiful

One way wrech of a man in the Atlantic Ocean
The company stares, get up from their chairs
And the demolition's set in motion
Smashing it to pieces may make you feel better
But no amount of smashing will be able t stop you from turning everything
Bad that is beautiful

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