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The Kingpins
This song is performed by The Kingpins and appears on the album Plan Of Action (2000).
Let me out were the first words I ever said
All the world's a cage
I watch the zookeeper weave his web
All the world's a cage
You pull me on a leash, and beg me to follow
I cut my throat on the words that I swallow
You ask me to sign, you whip out a chair
When the curtain came up, there was nobody there
You promised that the world was mine
You chained me to the borderline
Now I'm just sitting here doing time
All the world's a cage

I'm a twenty-something child, was a ringin' in my ears
All the world's a cage
From the playpen to the top ten, I'll be screaming for years
All the world's a cage
You made me play with stories
Want to show them the stars
If I could slip through the cracks
I wouldn't be here on Mars
I speak your words and obey your rules
Written by strangers and guarded by fools
Who keep me scared at night
Please read me my rights
Cause I'm just sitting here down time
All the world's a cage

The sky's gonna fall down on you
And the ground will swallow you whole
Your bones will become the bars of the cage
that'll emprison your soul
Your teeth'll fall out but your tongue'll still tell you
Go from cradle to grave and go back to your shelf
Mark off the time on the walls of your cell
While others are free by the records you sell
Not to waive my right, that'll be my only crime
I'm just sittin' here wasting time
All the world's a cage

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