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The Kills
This song is performed by The Kills and appears on the album Blood Pressures (2011) and on the single The Last Goodbye (2012).
TranslationThis song has been translated into Deutsch (German).
Original video
It's the last goodbye I swear
I can't rely on a dime a day love that don't go anywhere
I learn to cry for someone else
I can't get by on an odds and ends love that don't ever match up
I heard all you said and I took it to heart

I won't forget I swear
I have no regrets for the past is behind me
Tomorrow reminds me just where

Can't quite see the end
How can I rely on my heart if I break it with my own two hands?
I heard all you said and I love you to death
I heard all you said don't say anything

It's the last goodbye I swear
I can't survive on a half-hearted love that will never be whole

Written by:

Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince

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