The Jazz Butcher:Fishcotheque (1988)

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The Jazz Butcher
  1. Next Move Sideways
  2. Out of Touch
  3. Get It Wrong
  4. Living in a Village
  5. Swell
  6. Looking for Lot 49
  7. The Best Way
  8. Chickentown
  9. Susie
  10. Keeping the Curtains Closed
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Albums by The Jazz Butcher

Albums: Bath of Bacon (1983)A Scandal in Bohemia (1984)Sex and Travel (1985)Distressed Gentlefolk (1986)Fishcotheque (1988)Big Planet Scarey Planet (1989)Cult of the Basement (1990)Condition Blue (1991) Waiting for the Love Bus (1993)Illuminate (1995)Rotten Soul (2000)Last of the Gentleman Adventurers (2012)

Compilation albums: A Scandal in Bohemia / Sex & Travel (1986)

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