The Irish Rovers:Tall Ships And Salty Dogs (1979)

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The Irish Rovers
  1. The Day the Tall Ships Came
  2. New York Girls
  3. Bluenose
  4. Cape Anne
  5. Missionary's Child
  6. The Old Balena
  7. Rio Grande
  8. Blow the Man Down
  9. Jigs
  10. The I'm Alone at Lunnenburg N.S.
  11. The Sloop John B
  12. The Wanderer and the Whale
  13. Foolish Old Man
  14. If We Weren't Devils
  15. Dublin O'Shea
  16. The Spey and Spate
  17. Let the Lower Lights Be Burning
  18. McDonald's Raiders and Battle of Garvagh
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