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Meet The Gregory Brothers! (2009)Edit

The Gregory Brothers - Meet The Gregory Brothers!
Meet The Gregory Brothers!
  1. Cry Cry Cry
  2. Butter On My Roll
  3. West Coast Time
  4. A Wonder
  5. Do You Think?

Other SongsEdit

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  1. Apparently
  2. Auto-Tune The News: Kanye Vs. Bush
  3. Auto-Tune The News 1: March Madness. Economic Woes. Pentagon Budget Cuts.
  4. Auto-Tune The News 2: Pirates. Drugs. Gay Marriage.
  5. Auto-Tune The News 3: Cuba. Afghan Friendship. 2-Party Woes.
  6. Auto-Tune The News 4: Spa Regulations. Serbians. Sotomayor.
  7. Auto-Tune The News 5: Lettuce Regulation. American Blessings.
  8. Auto-Tune The News 6: Michael Jackson. Drugs. Palin.
  9. Auto-Tune The News 7: Texting. Rhyming. Pat Buchanan Fail.
  10. Auto-Tune The News 8: Dragons. Geese. Michael Vick.
  11. Auto-Tune The News 9: Nobel. Health Care. United Nations.
  12. Auto-Tune The News 10: Turtles.
  13. Auto-Tune The News 11: Pure Poppycock.
  14. Auto-Tune The News 12: Weed. Lesbian Allegaytions.
  15. Auto-Tune The News 13: Driving. Stripping. Swinging.
  16. Backin' Up Song
  17. Bed Intruder Song
  18. Believe In Yourself
  19. Best NASCAR Prayer
  20. Can't Hug Every Cat
  21. Chuck Testa
  22. Dead Giveaway
  23. Double Rainbow Song
  24. Fast Don't Lie Remix
  25. Final Debate Songified
  26. Get Money, Turn Gay
  27. Gingers Have Souls
  28. Hello Again
  29. I'm Not A Witch
  30. Just A Little While
  31. Mommy & Daddy Song
  32. Obama Goes Ham
  33. Obama Sings Kick Ass Song
  34. Obama Sings To The Shawties
  35. Oh My Dayum
  36. Poke Me
  37. Reality Hits You Hard Bro
  38. Rent: Too Damn High! Song
  39. Sanity Song
  40. Scoreboard
  41. Smash, Smash, Smash!
  42. Strut That Ass Song
  43. SunnyD And Rum
  44. Taxi Dave Song - You Know Who I Am
  45. Tornado Song
  46. Town Hall Debate Songified
  47. Use Both Hands (A Bagger's Anthem)
  48. Winning - A Song By Charlie Sheen
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