The Gothsicles:NESferatu (2006)

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The Gothsicles
Album by The Gothsicles.
  1. I Can Tell You Shop At Hot(t) Topic
  2. Triple Shot
  3. Konami Code IV
  4. Turn Signals Are Still Cool
  5. One Second Ghost
  6. English License 2.0
  7. Hey, I've Got That Font
  8. Mix This Song Into A23's "Maps Of Reality"
  9. Better Versions By Other People
  10. Konami Code (Hi-Score Rmx)
  11. Turn Signals Are Still Cool (Pimp My Rhyme Mix)
  12. Konami Code (Epsilon Minus Remix)
  13. One Second Ghost (Sore Thumbs Mix)
  14. Lunch Breakin'
  15. Blip To Be Squarewave
  16. Platform Game (live)
  17. Theme From "Full House" (live)
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