The Easybeats:Easy (1965)

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The Easybeats
Album by The Easybeats.
  1. It's So Easy
  2. I'm a Madman
  3. I Wonder
  4. She Said Alright
  5. I'm Gonna Tell Everybody
  6. Hey Girl
  7. She's So Fine
  8. You Got It off Me
  9. Cry Cry Cry
  10. A Letter
  11. Easy Beat
  12. You'll Come Back Again
  13. Girl on My Mind
  14. Ya Can't Do That
CD Reissue Bonus Tracks
  1. For My Woman
  2. Say That You're Mine
  3. The Old Oak Tree
  4. Friday On My Mind
  5. Lisa
  6. Find My Way Back Home
  7. No One Knows
  8. She's So Fine
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