The Devil's Carnival (2012)

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Album by various artists.
  1. Heaven's All Around by Paul Sorvino
  2. The Devil's Carnival by Alex Vega, Mighty Mike Murga, & Bill Moseley
  3. In All My Dreams I Drown by Jessica Lowndes & Terrance Zdunich
  4. 666 by Dayton Callie & Carnies
  5. Kiss The Girls by Alex Vega & Woe-Maidens
  6. Beautiful Stranger by Kevin "Ogre" Ogilvie & Briana Evigan
  7. A Penny For A Tale by Ivan Moody
  8. Trust Me by Marc Senter
  9. Prick! Goes The Scorpion's Tale by Emilie Autumn
  10. Grief by Sean Patrick Flanery
  11. Grace For Sale by Terrance Zdunich
  12. Off To Hell We Go by The Carnies
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