The Clan Destined:T.C. Lethbridge Lyrics

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The Clan Destined
This song is performed by The Clan Destined.
visionary idealists inspired us in the past
now the world has done them wrong
cynics laughed at stukeley lockyer got mocked
then they persecuted tom
have you even heard of t.c. lethbridge?
have you seen his books in any mall?
you'd be enthralled at his methodology
while 'scholars' sit indoors going "ha ha ha ha ha"

we are forward thinking motherfuckers
we are true to everything you are
though sometimes you were wrong
your methodology so thorough and so practical
votes so very tactical they wrote you off as radical

"no spoken or written word can ever be a substitute for one's own practical experience. no one too can convince another who does not wish to believe what he is told. only the doubter loses by his incredulity." - t.c. lethbridge, 'ghost and ghoul', chapter 1, p.26

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