The Bear Quartet:Wear That Jacket Lyrics

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The Bear Quartet
This song is performed by The Bear Quartet and appears on the EP Revisited (1994) and on the Compilation album Early Years (2003).
I know a store that shines nightopen
I made some promises and broke them
I know there's something out there klicking
with your hearts deepest wish still kicking
to get out tonight
let's go out tonight

to a feeling of never coming back
never coming back

I fell for what others deserted
crawled down to its heart
sprawled and knew I'd come to hurt it

I was taken for a ride
I was dropped of sore eyed
laundry hanging out to dry
waved at me as I walked by
on warm asphalt
for a second I felt comfort of some sort
a feeling of never coming back
never coming back

I failed where others wouldn't try
crawled down to its heart
because it wouldn't keep me in mind

Music by:

Peter Nuottaniemi & Urban Nordh

Lyrics by:

Peter Nuottaniemi

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